Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shots and Screams

Well, today was the day for Kaityn's 12 month check-up (even thought she is 13 months old now, I'm a little behind). She DID NOT like going. She is the only one of my four who will not sit still while being checked out. She screamed the whole time...poor Dr. Harvey. As soon as I picked her up she was fine. Then the dreaded nurse came in to give her 3 shots. She had a look of panic on her face. I felt so bad for her. She is a trooper though. She screamed but then again when I picked her up all was well.

Isn't that how it is with our Heavenly Father. Sometimes life makes you want to scream, there are painful circumstances and you wonder what is going on but when our Father picks us up all is well. I pray that all is well with you today (my 5 or 6 readers :) )

Cooper also had a Dr. appt. today the same time Kaityn did. My sweet sister-in-law came with me to help with Kaityn getting shots and Cooper having his ears checked. A few weeks ago we went to the Dr. for Cooper's ears and throat. Dr. Harvey was concerned about his ears because of all the negative pressure in both of his ears. He ran a test on both of them and found that his eustacian tube was not functioning properly. We went back today and his right ear is normal and his left ear is almost back to normal. He just has to finish up the medicine he is on right now. I am so thankful. Chris thinks I'm paranoid all the time when it comes to the kids and usually he is right (don't you hate that :)) so I am so thankful to the Lord answering prayers. We celebrated a good report from the Dr. by going to McDonald's. He thought I was the greatest. That's nice to know once in a while. If only we could eat at McD's everyday...just kidding.


The She and I Show said...

The title name "shots and screams" could go very wrong at any second! :) I thought it was funny and it will turn some heads! Love ya! ~ Your other sweet sister-in-law ;)

mom2camo said...

Loved your post...shot day is never fun. Ours is soon to come. Love ya! Becky

Mrs. Troop said...

So good to see you there! We also had much weeping and nashing of teeth. Glad it's over. Made the BIG mistake of letting Daughter #6 go before Baby Boy and his screaming really upset her. You'd think after eight I would know these things . . .live and learn! We didn't hit "Uncle Donald's" (as my kids say, but we did go by Sonic. Yum!