Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tooth Number 3

Christopher FINALLY lost his top tooth tonight (with a little help from Dad). His tooth has been dangling for the past few days and so I asked Chris just to pull it. He took Christopher back to our room and tried to talk him into pulling it himself and tried to convince him that it would not hurt. Chris went into the bathroom to get some floss to pull the tooth and as he opened the drawer Christopher asked, "Daddy, are you going to pull my tooth with deoderant?" I felt like I was in a delivery waiting room. I was trying to listen from the kitchen to see what was going on and finally I heard some crying and realized that the mission had been accomplished. After a little while I told the kids it was time to clean up. Christopher looked at me and told me he might be a little bit slower because he was missing his top tooth. Our little boy is growing up so fast.

The Candy Man

Guess who in our family likes candy? Not just any candy but blue candy "because it's my favorite color." And he wonders why his poop is green.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Attack of the Wreath

Usually when I share stories on here they are usually about the kids and the cute things that they say or do. Well, this one is about me and the funny thing that happened to me. I'm sure you will get a kick out of it. Anyway, last Thursday night Chris went with my brother Michael to another guys house to watch a football game. I was working at the house and decided around 10:00 P.M. to go ahead and get ready for bed. I got up and looked at our front door, which has a glass in it, and saw a black sweater with a red hat. I thought to myself Chris is home. As I am brushing my teeth I notice that the door is not opening and as I look around the corner out of our room the sweater and red hat are still there. I picked up my cell phone and called Chris and asked him where he was. He told me he had just dropped off my brother. And then asked if everything was OK. I told him what I saw and I started crying and shaking. I was very scared. He asked if I wanted to call the police and I told him I did not know because then I would have to go to the door. He decided to call a friend of ours who lives a couple blocks away. He came over and walked around the house and told Chris that he did not see anything and that he would stay outside our house until Chris got home. The whole time I am on the phone with Chris and I hear him say that he was home. I was so relieved. I hung up the phone and walked down the hall to open our front door. As I turn the corner the "black sweater and red hat" were still there. Well, as I got to the door...it was our wreath. From a distance it looked like a black shirt or sweater and the "red hat" that I had been seeing was the bow on top of our wreath. I opened the door and just died laughing and so did Chris and Johnny. I was so embarassed. Needless to say, those of you who know Chris very well, he has taken EVERY opportunity to tell the story and it gets a little more dramatic everytime he tells it. I usually do not do things like this. It was very funny!!!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We hope that everyone enjoys the time that they get to spend with their family. We have so many things to be grateful for this year. This is Kaityn's first thanksgiving complete with a "Vegetable Turkey Dinner" and "Tutti Frutti Dessert". She enjoyed her meal. Our thanksgiving celebration began Wednesday night. We went to a "camp ground" with my brother and sister-in-law Lindsay. Her family every year goes and cooks out and stays in a cabin...notice I said "a" cabin. That's right everyone stays in one place...all 35 - 40 of them. However, we did not stay in the cabin. It was fun to be with all of our friends and extended family. Thanksgiving day was spent with my family. As we sat around the table we talked, ate and laughed. I was reminded of how blessed I am. As I think about the past two days, I have alot to be grateful for. I have a new sister-in-law (who is a perfect addition to our family), a new daughter, a great husband, wonderful kids, and a heritage of people who love each other and love the Lord.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kaibryn Turns Five

Time sure has flown by. This past Saturday was Kaibryn's fifth birthday. The day was filled with excitement. We started off the morning with a birthday party with four of her friends from church. She had alot of fun. We made "princess wands" and had a lunch of heart shaped PBJ's, chips, and apples and dip along with cupcakes. She picked out the menu. When we were first talking about what she wanted to eat she wanted "salad." I don't know of many kids who ask that their birthday meal be salad. We finished off the evening with a "family" birthday party. It was fun to get everyone together to celebrate her big day. All day she kept asking, "Is it still my birthday?" It was a great day and also a long day. We'll do it again next year :) :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Babies

We are so blessed!!!!!

The Voices of Children

Last night Christopher and Kaibryn's choir sang in the evening service. It was so sweet. They sang their little hearts out and did all the motions with huge smiles on their faces. I love to hear children sing (especially mine). It is something that I know the Lord looks down on and smiles and gives Him a happy heart.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Birthday Fun

Last night we went to "Incredible Pizza" for a birthday party for some friends of ours who were turning 30. "Incredible Pizza" is like an adult version of "Chucke Cheese." They have bowling, go carts, bumper cars and all sorts of other fun games. Anyway, the kids had a great time (so did their mom and dad). I think the highlight of their evening was the bowling and the go carts. Cooper won the race and received a ribbon. He thought he was big tim. I thought that "Incredible Pizza" would be too big for them but it was just right. It is so fun to take the kids to places like this where they understand what is going on and have a great time. That was probably the highlight of my night...sitting back and looking at them and enjoying them enjoying themselves. Does that make sense? The time does go by so fast. I have heard so many people say, "I loved the baby years the most, my favorite time was when they were learning to walk", and so many others. I have loved those years also but I have learned and am learning to love everyday. Every stage of their lives I think is my favorite. Watching them discover things they can do on their own and seeing their eyes light up with every new thing makes me have a "happy heart." They make me smile. In Proverbs it says, "A joyful heart is good medicine." They make me smile everyday.
Hope this finds everyone doing well. I would encourage everyone to have a "joyful heart" today wherever you go. You never know, someone might need some "good medicine." Love all of you!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Anderson Men Campout

Tonight my men had a campout. They were going to campout in the backyard in our tent but it was so cold . Chris being the great dad that he is took two sheets, a bunch of tape and believe it or not a hammer and nail and set up a tent in the boys room. They boys were so excited and I think their Dad was too. He is a great Dad and they are great boys.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kaityn is Into EVERYTHING

Good Morning!!!! Hope everyone is doing well. It is cold, wet, and dreary here in Oklahoma City. We are going to have an easy day today. I'm going on 3 days of having no voice. That's kind of difficult when you have 4 kids. Well, Kaityn Mae is 8 months old and into everything. She enjoys going into her brothers rooms and pulling their stuff out of the boxes. The boys get pretty frustrated with her. This morning I was trying to put a lid on the PAM non-stick spray can and I put it on wrong and the spray nozzle shot off somewhere. It is very small and I searched everywhere in the kitchen to find it because I knew Kaityn would put it in her mouth. I could not find it so I figured it had fallen behind something. Well, not 10 minutes later I noticed that Kaityn had alot of drool coming out of her mouth. And sure enough she had found the little yellow spray nozzle from the PAM. It's amazing how they can find the smallest things. I guess I should have gotten down on her level. She is a sweet girl. She has been sick for the past couple of weeks with a cold and teeth but is doing better. Hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Autumn Explosion 2007

Last night we went to the "Autumn Explosion" at church. It was so fun. There were games, inflatables, a ferris wheel, animals, face painting, pumpkins, & TONS of candy. We hit the jackpot in that area. The highlight of the night was the kids getting to ride the ferris wheel. I tried to take pictures but they turned out pretty dark but the kids had so much fun. Kaityn stayed at home with some friends of ours. She is getting over a cold so we decided to keep her at home. Chris & I enjoyed carrying the shoes and candy and following the kids to whatever they wanted to do next. It was kind of sad...there were a couple of things that Christopher wanted to do but he is now too old. They were for 4 yrs. and younger; however, he was able to do some of the bigger things that he has not been able to do in the past. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed getting out and spending time with our kids.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Growing Up!!!


The "Anderson Academy"

We are well into the swing of things with school. The kids seem to enjoy it and I am constantly amazed at everything that they are learning and how quickly they are learning. We begin every day around 1:30 and are finished somewhere between 2:30 and 3:00. We work on their AWANA Bible verses and spend most of our time focusing on Math, Penmanship and Phonics. We do Science once a week and then History once or twice a week. Last week I was preparing for school and pulling stuff out and Kaibryn asked what a picture was that I was holding. I said, "We are going to learn about Christopher Columbus next week." Very seriously she look at me and asked, "When are we going to learn about Kaibryn Columbus?"
I was hoping that by Christmas they would be reading. We are just at the beginning of October and last week we began reading a book called "Hats Off!" It is a book that has several little stories in it. They look forward to reading a new story every day. Even though Kaibryn is only 4 she is keeping right up with Christopher. I don't tell him that because there are days when he is not too happy that she is in school with him.
I forgot how exciting it is to see the look on a child's face when something they have been trying to learn finally "clicks." There have been several times when Christopher and Kaibryn finally understand something we have been trying to learn and their faces light up and they are so excited. Kaibryn just smiles so big and Christopher gives high-fives and says, "yes."
There are days when I would rather take a nap or watch HGTV than do school but to know that I am a part of their education makes me smile and grateful for all of my kids.
I know this blog has been about the kids so this "blog" will include their Dad. I am married to the most wonderful man. He works so hard so that I am able to stay at home and do what I have always wanted to do...be a Mom. Sometimes I think that I have 5 children - just kidding. He is always in a good mood and always making me laugh and smile...even when I don't want to. He knows me better than anyone and loves me anyway. He is such a good dad. He loves to play with the kids and is always interested in their day. Every night at dinner we will sit at the table and he will ask each one about what they did that day. The boys are really short with their answer. Usually it is "we played." Kaibryn on the other had gives DETAILS!!!! She starts with "well, we woke up and ate breakfast..." and then continues on. She is definately a girl.
I probably better quit. I did not realize that this has gotten so long. "Now to Him who is able to do more than we could ask or imagine, to Him be the glory and honor forever."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Night Fun

Ever wonder what a family of 6 with kids ages 6 - 7 1/2 months do on a Friday night. Well, let me say...a picture is worth a thousand words. We borrowed a "Nintendo Wii" from a friend at church. Who is having more fun with it? You decide.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Night for the Anderson Family

Wednesday nights are always an exciting time for the kids. Christopher and Kaibryn are involved in AWANAS at church. Kaibryn is a "Cubbie" and Christopher is a "Sparky." We spend time during the week memorizing Bible verses and then on Wed. nights they say their verses for their leaders and play games. They love it!!!! This past Wed. night Kaibryn earned her first patch for her vest and Christopher won a frog for saying all of his verses.
Cooper and Kaityn go to the nursery. Cooper learns about missionaries. This past week he learned about a missionary who gives eye glasses to people in other countries. For their craft they made glasses. When I went to pick him up he was the only child in his class with his glasses on. He was VERY proud of them and of course they were blue. Every week when he goes in his first statement is "I want a race car." He is REALLY into the movie "Cars" and loves "Dale Jr." He is very funny!!!!
Sweet Kaityn Mae goes into the nursery and we are asked constantly "Is she always this happy?" Yes, she is. What a blessing. She never cries unless she is hungry, tired, and lately if she falls. She has been crawling since she was about 5 1/2 months old. Well now she is pulling up on everything. She has not quite figured out how to get down once she is up. So, she just falls and cries for a little bit and then she tries it again. I just know that one of these days she is going to let go and start running.
Life is crazy but fun around here. We love every one of you and hope you are having a great week.

Pictures for "Popcorn"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Little Model

Kaibryn asked me this morning if she could put on some make up and being the cool mom I am I let her. I told her I would take her picture and she ran back to her room and these pictures show the end result.

The Wedding

Chris was in a friend of ours wedding this past weekend. He looked very handsome and the kids loved watching him walk down the aisle. Although, the only thing they really cared about was when they were going to get some cake.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kaityn Mae is 6 Mon. Old

Here is our "little princess." She is six months old now and is crawling and pulling up on anything she can get a hold of. She follows the other three kids all over the house and they love playing with her. We went to the Dr. on Tuesday and she got her second round of shots (a couple of months late). She did great. She weighs 16 pounds and is 27 inches long.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Because They Are So Cute!!

Thought this would make you smile.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Well, today was the day..."homeschool school". The kids were very excited to get started. Their teacher really liked them and I think their personalities will match well :) :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Christopher is Six Today

Can you believe it? I can't. Time has gone by so fast. Today is Christopher's "birthday day" as he calls it. He is growing up into such a sweet big boy. He is so fun. He enjoys telling us jokes, pestering his sister and playing with Cooper. He is so good with Kaityn. When we found out that Kaityn was a girl he was not too excited. He wanted to pretend that she was a boy and tell everyone mommy was having a boy. For not wanting another sister he sure loves Kaityn. He will get on the floor with her and talk "baby talk" and make her laugh like no one else is able to do. He has lost two teeth and will begin Kindergarten at "homeschool school" (what he says),ext week. He is such a huge source of joy for our family. God has some great things in store for our little "leader." No matter where we go he thinks that if there are kids there they are for him to play with. He is the only 6 year old boy who can find older kids who are twice his size and older than he is and get them to play or do whatever Christopher wants them to do. It's so fun to watch. I can't believe it has been six years but I am so grateful for such a precious gift.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Me & the Girls

I told Kaibryn I would talk about the girls today. She loves to hear stories about herself. So here it is... I love having girls. They are so fun. Kaibryn is already such a girl. She LOVES purses. The other day she asked me which purse she should wear with her outfit. She also went into my closet and tried on all of my shoes leaving them out. She said she wanted to see if they fit her yet. She is a great big sister and help to her Mom. She has been asking for several weeks when she can take piano lessons. I finally gave in and she started this week.
Kaityn is almost 6 months old. Sunday she started pulling up on her hands and knees and crawled - yes, I said crawled - three "steps" and got the toy she was trying to get. I call her "scooter". She can get wherever she wants by rolling and scooting all over the floor. She now has 2 teeth and is really enjoying her food. Chris told me the other day the reason I wanted so many kids was so I could dress them up. That might be a little true but Kaityn gets changed quite a bit because what fit her last week or two weeks ago no longer fit. She is growing up so fast. She is such a joy.
I'm so blessed to have two precious daughters. Chris is grateful too because that means in the future I will have some "shopping buddies" and he won't have to go with me anymore.

Tooth #2 Fell Out

Well, tonight Christopher lost tooth number two. He was so excited. This one was a little more scary for him (even though he won't admit it if you ask). It bled a little bit and was almost crying when he yelled, "Mommy, my tooth came out." As soon as he saw that I was excited and not worried about the blood the "shakiness" in his voice went away. He loves that he can stick his tongue out through his missing teeth. He is very excited about the "tooth fairy" coming tonight and very quickly placed his tooth under his pillow. He is growing up so quickly. It is fun and sad at the same time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Christopher lost his tooth

This morning Christopher lost his first tooth. It was pretty loose but he did not want anyone to pull it for him. I gave them apples this morning for breakfast and that did the trick. He is excited about the "tooth fairy" visiting tonight. Chris asked him a few weeks ago how much a tooth was going for these days - $3.00? Christopher said, "No, you can't buy anything for $3.00. I need $10.00." My, my ,my...inflation...I used to only get $1.00. We'll see. If teeth are going for $10.00 these days Chris and I are going to have to start saving now. With four kids that can get expensive. Our baby is growing up.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we journeyed to Ardmore, Oklahoma and spent a couple of days at Lake Murray with Chris's family. We had such a good time. The boys camped out in a tent and the girls camped out in a trailer complete with air-conditioning a bed and the all important bathroom...pretty rough. We spent lots of time in the lake and on the boat. Christopher and Cooper were our little fish. They got right in the water and went swimming, jumped off PaPa Clark's boat, and just enjoyed being boys. Kaibryn on the other had was not too excited about the water. She did get in but was scared of the "sharks" and "alligators." Sweet little Kaityn just sat in the shade and enjoyed being doted over by her aunts, cousins & GiGi. It was fun to get away for a few days and spend time with the kids and family.