Thursday, July 26, 2007

Christopher lost his tooth

This morning Christopher lost his first tooth. It was pretty loose but he did not want anyone to pull it for him. I gave them apples this morning for breakfast and that did the trick. He is excited about the "tooth fairy" visiting tonight. Chris asked him a few weeks ago how much a tooth was going for these days - $3.00? Christopher said, "No, you can't buy anything for $3.00. I need $10.00." My, my ,my...inflation...I used to only get $1.00. We'll see. If teeth are going for $10.00 these days Chris and I are going to have to start saving now. With four kids that can get expensive. Our baby is growing up.


Fred Collinsworth said...

Hmmm...when I was young, the "tooth fairy" gave me $5.00 for my first tooth. Ah, the memories. Well, you can teach your kids to brush their teeth always to avoid expensive dental procedures.

Fred Collinsworth