Monday, July 2, 2007

The Long Awaited Day

The day we have waited for finally arrived. We woke up this morning to sunshine and no rain. The kids were very excited. It was still too wet for them to swim, not to mention the water was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were able to go outside and jump on the trampoline and decorate everything on the porch with the chalk. They did not like the color of our bench so it got "chalked". They said they knew that I would love it.
There were two exciting things that happened at the Anderson house today. First, as I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning I saw quite a humorous sight out in our backyard. I was looking at two naked bottoms with Kaibryn bending down between them. Well, the boys were going to the bathroom off of the back patio into the yard and Kaibryn was yelling, "Kill the ant. Kill the ant." I think it was a successful kill. Second, when Chris came home today he brought with him a turtle he had found on the road as he was driving home. The kids named him "Snappy". You would have thought Chris brought home the greatest thing in the world. I got them some lettuce to eat and the kids took turns petting him and "ooing" and "ahing" over him (I'm assuming it was a him...I don't know). Chris put him in a little box and we painted an "A" on his shell just in case he came back. While Chris was painting his back Chris heard Snappy give a little "turtle toot" and then he had some turtle diarrhea. The kids thought this was great, especially the boys.
All in all today was a great day. It was nice that the kids could go out and get rid of some of their energy.