Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

"Mommy, when will it quit raining?"... "Mommy, it stopped raining, can we go swimming?"..."It's not raining now. Can we go outside and play?"...These are the questions I am having to answer these days. For those of you who don't live in OKC it has rained 15 days straight, either all day or part of the day. I feel so bad for my kids. We are ALL going a little stir crazy. Christopher told me today that he is "hyper" so he needs to play. Sunday we bought the kids a little pool to play in and they have been in it only one time because of the rain. I have told the kids that God always gives us what we need and evidently we have needed 15 days of rain. Yesterday, Cooper said, "Mommy, God still thinks it needs to rain doesn't He." And Christopher and I are sitting in the chair in our living room right now watching the rain fall and he said, "God is up in Heaven pouring rain out of His bucket again." I love the sweet hearts of all of my children and how even in the "gloomiest" of days they can still learn something special about God and His provision.They turn those "gloomy" days to days of joy!!!!


Grana said...

Hey - Cute! Cute! Cute! PaPa wants me to tell you how insightful you are! We think you are doing a great job! The babies are so sharp and catch on so quick! The pink email was cute too! Tell kb thanks! Hopefully today will be a great day for swimming!
Luv ya,