Friday, January 30, 2009

Girly Day for Kaibryn

We headed out this morning with Grana to go to a "jewelry party" , lunch & then the mall. Our intentions for going to the mall was for some make-up for me but when we got there Kaibryn got her ears pierced. She kept asking what we were shopping for & I kept saying, "make-up" for Mommy. She continued to ask over & over. We walked past Claire's & I said, "What if we got your ears pierced." I really was kind of kidding because we told her for her birthday and she said, "No. Not until I'm 10." Well, not today, she said, "Really." I told her she would have to call & ask Daddy first. He said it was OK & she got them pierced. She was very nervous once she sat down in the chair. The girl was really fast & Kaibryn wanted to cry but she didn't. She was very brave.

She is going to be a high maintenance kind of girl I'm afraid. During lunch she said that she wanted to have a pedicure every Saturday. WOW!!!!! I'm glad she likes the girly things but I'm afraid she is going to be more girly than her Momma.

I don't know what is going on with the pictures. Some I can get to be right side up & some I can't. You'll just have to turn your computer sideways. Hopefully you don't have a desk top, that could be difficult. :):)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Fun

Well, today is the third day that has been cold, wet & icy outside. I decided that WE needed to get out of the house. I have been out of the house but the kids have not been & they have SO MUCH ENERGY. I thought it might be fun to go to McDonald's. Well, every other Mom that lives around us thought the same thing.

I have never seen my kids eat as quickly as they did today. They played hard. They will probably catch colds because they were all sweaty & smelly but maybe they won't run around in circles today. Who am I kidding. My kids have more energy than anyone I know. They NEVER sit still.

Needless to say, I am ready for spring but we had fun getting out of the house. Don't worry...everyone got disinfected very well. Hope this will get rid of some of the winter blues for the Anderson Zoo.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday's Thursday & I have not posted one of these in a L-O-N-G time...

1. I am thankful & excited for the Bible study on Esther starting Monday.

2. I am thankful for "Lucy" & "Ethel" who arrived this week & has made laundry a little more fun.

3. I am thankful that we get to go out with good friends tomorrow night without any kids.

4. I am thankful for the AWESOME food we have been able to eat while my in-laws have been staying with us the past couple weeks. HOWEVER...I am NOT thankful for the weight I have gained.

5. I am thankful for friends who encourage me spiritually & challenge me to be a better Mommy.

6. I am thankful for my kids who are FULL of energy & life. They remind me that life is fun & always an adventure.

7. I am thankful that Kaityn can finally be understood sometimes & that she has been sleeping in her "big girl" bed with no problems.

8. I am thankful that my parents get home from Hawaii next Fri. They have been gone W-A-Y too long.

9. I am thankful that Christopher loves "Upward Basketball" . Chris said not to be surprised if his team get shut out every game...haha!!!!! He loves it & considers everyone there to be his friend. He is so much like his Dad.

10. I am thankful for a new year & for the Lord giving me a verse. I know He is going to do great things!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thankful Thursday!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Newest Family Members

From the moment I was first introduced , I knew I was in love...


When I saw them they took my breath away.

I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our family...

Lucy & Ethel

Aren't they just lovely!!!!?!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Growing Up!!!!

Well, tonight is a sad night for me.

The girls room is kind of cramped - twin size bed, baby bed, dresser, and MANY toys perfect for little girls, etc. At the age of two all of our kids have gotten their "big boy/girl" beds. Kaityn Mae is 22 months and we have been talking about getting the girl bunk beds. Kaibryn's bed has a trundle & so I thought that maybe we could try Kaityn on it & it would give the girls even more room. I have never been real fond of a trundle because who makes the has to make the bed, bottom just shoves it under...I'm rambling.

Well, Kaibryn has been excited about having more room so we decided to give it a try tonight. Anywho...we made the bed tonight laid Kaityn down & SHE DID NOT GET UP!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited because YES, the girls will have more room but sad because our baby is not a baby anymore.

YES, I took a picture. I will have to post it later though.