Friday, January 30, 2009

Girly Day for Kaibryn

We headed out this morning with Grana to go to a "jewelry party" , lunch & then the mall. Our intentions for going to the mall was for some make-up for me but when we got there Kaibryn got her ears pierced. She kept asking what we were shopping for & I kept saying, "make-up" for Mommy. She continued to ask over & over. We walked past Claire's & I said, "What if we got your ears pierced." I really was kind of kidding because we told her for her birthday and she said, "No. Not until I'm 10." Well, not today, she said, "Really." I told her she would have to call & ask Daddy first. He said it was OK & she got them pierced. She was very nervous once she sat down in the chair. The girl was really fast & Kaibryn wanted to cry but she didn't. She was very brave.

She is going to be a high maintenance kind of girl I'm afraid. During lunch she said that she wanted to have a pedicure every Saturday. WOW!!!!! I'm glad she likes the girly things but I'm afraid she is going to be more girly than her Momma.

I don't know what is going on with the pictures. Some I can get to be right side up & some I can't. You'll just have to turn your computer sideways. Hopefully you don't have a desk top, that could be difficult. :):)


Meredith - proud mama of two said...

She is so beautiful. You guys will have your hands full someday!

mom2camo said...

Thanks I have a six year old begging me to get her ears pierced!!!! hehee! Hey, I finally wrote a new blog entry...just for you. No, not really. I haven't really felt like I've had much to say lately...but hopefully I'll get back in the groove!!

Mrs. Troop said...

So sweet! Love the pictures! Thanks for coming that morning - it was FUN to see you all!