Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tooth Number 3

Christopher FINALLY lost his top tooth tonight (with a little help from Dad). His tooth has been dangling for the past few days and so I asked Chris just to pull it. He took Christopher back to our room and tried to talk him into pulling it himself and tried to convince him that it would not hurt. Chris went into the bathroom to get some floss to pull the tooth and as he opened the drawer Christopher asked, "Daddy, are you going to pull my tooth with deoderant?" I felt like I was in a delivery waiting room. I was trying to listen from the kitchen to see what was going on and finally I heard some crying and realized that the mission had been accomplished. After a little while I told the kids it was time to clean up. Christopher looked at me and told me he might be a little bit slower because he was missing his top tooth. Our little boy is growing up so fast.

The Candy Man

Guess who in our family likes candy? Not just any candy but blue candy "because it's my favorite color." And he wonders why his poop is green.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Attack of the Wreath

Usually when I share stories on here they are usually about the kids and the cute things that they say or do. Well, this one is about me and the funny thing that happened to me. I'm sure you will get a kick out of it. Anyway, last Thursday night Chris went with my brother Michael to another guys house to watch a football game. I was working at the house and decided around 10:00 P.M. to go ahead and get ready for bed. I got up and looked at our front door, which has a glass in it, and saw a black sweater with a red hat. I thought to myself Chris is home. As I am brushing my teeth I notice that the door is not opening and as I look around the corner out of our room the sweater and red hat are still there. I picked up my cell phone and called Chris and asked him where he was. He told me he had just dropped off my brother. And then asked if everything was OK. I told him what I saw and I started crying and shaking. I was very scared. He asked if I wanted to call the police and I told him I did not know because then I would have to go to the door. He decided to call a friend of ours who lives a couple blocks away. He came over and walked around the house and told Chris that he did not see anything and that he would stay outside our house until Chris got home. The whole time I am on the phone with Chris and I hear him say that he was home. I was so relieved. I hung up the phone and walked down the hall to open our front door. As I turn the corner the "black sweater and red hat" were still there. Well, as I got to the door...it was our wreath. From a distance it looked like a black shirt or sweater and the "red hat" that I had been seeing was the bow on top of our wreath. I opened the door and just died laughing and so did Chris and Johnny. I was so embarassed. Needless to say, those of you who know Chris very well, he has taken EVERY opportunity to tell the story and it gets a little more dramatic everytime he tells it. I usually do not do things like this. It was very funny!!!!!!