Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kaityn Mae is 6 Mon. Old

Here is our "little princess." She is six months old now and is crawling and pulling up on anything she can get a hold of. She follows the other three kids all over the house and they love playing with her. We went to the Dr. on Tuesday and she got her second round of shots (a couple of months late). She did great. She weighs 16 pounds and is 27 inches long.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Because They Are So Cute!!

Thought this would make you smile.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Well, today was the day..."homeschool school". The kids were very excited to get started. Their teacher really liked them and I think their personalities will match well :) :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Christopher is Six Today

Can you believe it? I can't. Time has gone by so fast. Today is Christopher's "birthday day" as he calls it. He is growing up into such a sweet big boy. He is so fun. He enjoys telling us jokes, pestering his sister and playing with Cooper. He is so good with Kaityn. When we found out that Kaityn was a girl he was not too excited. He wanted to pretend that she was a boy and tell everyone mommy was having a boy. For not wanting another sister he sure loves Kaityn. He will get on the floor with her and talk "baby talk" and make her laugh like no one else is able to do. He has lost two teeth and will begin Kindergarten at "homeschool school" (what he says),ext week. He is such a huge source of joy for our family. God has some great things in store for our little "leader." No matter where we go he thinks that if there are kids there they are for him to play with. He is the only 6 year old boy who can find older kids who are twice his size and older than he is and get them to play or do whatever Christopher wants them to do. It's so fun to watch. I can't believe it has been six years but I am so grateful for such a precious gift.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Me & the Girls

I told Kaibryn I would talk about the girls today. She loves to hear stories about herself. So here it is... I love having girls. They are so fun. Kaibryn is already such a girl. She LOVES purses. The other day she asked me which purse she should wear with her outfit. She also went into my closet and tried on all of my shoes leaving them out. She said she wanted to see if they fit her yet. She is a great big sister and help to her Mom. She has been asking for several weeks when she can take piano lessons. I finally gave in and she started this week.
Kaityn is almost 6 months old. Sunday she started pulling up on her hands and knees and crawled - yes, I said crawled - three "steps" and got the toy she was trying to get. I call her "scooter". She can get wherever she wants by rolling and scooting all over the floor. She now has 2 teeth and is really enjoying her food. Chris told me the other day the reason I wanted so many kids was so I could dress them up. That might be a little true but Kaityn gets changed quite a bit because what fit her last week or two weeks ago no longer fit. She is growing up so fast. She is such a joy.
I'm so blessed to have two precious daughters. Chris is grateful too because that means in the future I will have some "shopping buddies" and he won't have to go with me anymore.

Tooth #2 Fell Out

Well, tonight Christopher lost tooth number two. He was so excited. This one was a little more scary for him (even though he won't admit it if you ask). It bled a little bit and was almost crying when he yelled, "Mommy, my tooth came out." As soon as he saw that I was excited and not worried about the blood the "shakiness" in his voice went away. He loves that he can stick his tongue out through his missing teeth. He is very excited about the "tooth fairy" coming tonight and very quickly placed his tooth under his pillow. He is growing up so quickly. It is fun and sad at the same time.