Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kaityn Mae is 6 Mon. Old

Here is our "little princess." She is six months old now and is crawling and pulling up on anything she can get a hold of. She follows the other three kids all over the house and they love playing with her. We went to the Dr. on Tuesday and she got her second round of shots (a couple of months late). She did great. She weighs 16 pounds and is 27 inches long.


Becky E said...

She is darling! I think she's your cutest one yet! That dress is amazing too...did you make it??

Grana said...

How cute is that? She is growing up too fast! I love that picture of her standing up against the couch! She is fixing to take off walking! She has had enough of this baby stuff it's on to the big girl stuff!!!