Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bragging Rights!!!!

Proverbs 29:13 says, "Discipline your son, and he will give you comfort; he will also give you delight."

This verse was an encouragement and a challenge to me. A challenge because little Kaityn Mae Mae has become a "screamer." If someone starts playing with her and she does not want them to she screams. If she does not get her way she screams. With her being the youngest sometimes I just have whoever is causing the screaming leave her alone. Well, that really does not solve the long term problem. She is such a little character at times and I want to delight in her. SO...let the disciplining begin. It is so have seen her...she is so cute.

The encouragement part. The weather was so nice today so I took the kids for a walk and let them ride their bikes on a little trail by our house. They did EXACTLY what I asked them to. They stopped when I said to stop. They would move to where I would tell them to. They helped each other. They encouraged each other to keep going when they were tired. They said, "please" when they wanted water and kept saying, "thank you, mommy" when they gave me their water back. Today they have been so helpful and joyful and I have found delight in them because we have taught them to obey. If my kids did not obey there is NO way i could have taken them for rides on their bikes.

Thanks for reading. I just wanted to praise them to you for being a delight to their Mommy today.

Thankful Thursday!!!

Thankful Thursday is going to revolve around my favorite room in our house...our kitchen.

1. I'm thankful that there can be more than 2 people in my kitchen at one time and there be plenty of room.

2. I am thankful for a dishwasher. Our old home did not have one.

3. I am thankful for a garbage disposal. Again, our old home did not have one.

4. I am thankful that I learned there is a "reset" switch for the disposal. I went a couple of weeks without one thinking it was broken only to find out I needed to flip the switch. I did not realize how much I use it.

5. I am thankful that I was able to paint it red. I love the color red and have always wanted a red kitchen.

6. I am thankful I LOVE to cook...especially sweet stuff.

7. I am thankful for my Mom who growing up let me cook with her...make a grocery list...make meals from that grocery list. She is the one who taught me how to "boil water" (that is for my "Mimul") and how to read a recipe.

8. I am thankful for my mother-in-law from whom I have learned to "add a little of this and a little of that" and to think outside the box...I'm still learning.

9. I am thankful for my kitchen aid mixer which I got for a gift from my in-laws (thank you). I love it and use it ALL the time.

10. I am thankful for Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, Paula Deene, and the computer where I can get lots of "fun" recipes...mostly sweets though...what's up with that.

11. I am thankful for the Titus 2 woman in my life - Teri Hubbard. What a great example of a woman who had her priorities straight - God, husband, kids. I love her so much and miss her. She always had something to eat just in case anyone stopped by and always cooked enough so if the Lord laid someone on her heart to feed there was plenty. There was one time when the Lord laid a sweet lady on her heart (she had just lost her husband). She called her up to come over for dinner only to find out during the dinner that it was this sweet lady's first wedding anniversary without her husband.

12. I am thankful for my husband who comes up with funny names for foods so my kids will eat them...example, "momchaladas" for beef enchiladas, "mommy rockets" for ham and cheese stuffed biscuits, and "yum yums" for killer buttermilk biscuits. I'll share this recipe later. When you see the ingredients you will see why they are called "killer"

13. I am also thankful for my husband who tells me dinner was good when I can tell by the look on his face he will be snacking later.

14. I am thankful that I love having people over for dinner...this has scared me earlier in our married life.

"O taste and see that the Lord is good."

HAPPY THURSDAY...What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yummy Cake

Crazy Daisy gave us the gift of the recipe for this YUMMY cake. I could not find a 9X13 size brownie mix so I had to use two 8X8 size mix.

Also an added feature (learned this from my mother-in-law) I used a flavored coffee instead of regular...YUMMALICIOUS.

I would highly recommend this cake to anyone...especially if you like coffee, or even if you don't. If you want the recipe visit her blog (you can get the link on my that the right lingo?)

I thought it was so good it deserved two pictures!!!!! Me and my vast knowledge of computers could not get it off.

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend. I love it when Chris has a Monday off. It is so fun to have him home and the kids love it. It makes the week go by so quickly. We went to my brother and sister-in-laws apartment and had a cookout with them and some of our other good friends. It is fun when we get together because we just laugh our heads off. There were six adults and five kids ages 6 and under. The kids had fun playing outside on the deck of the apartment while the dads and uncle stood at the bottom and threw tennis balls at them. Believe it or not everyone had fun. It was nice for me because my sister-in-law, my friend and myself sat inside and talked...with no kids...does not happen very often.

We also had a garage sale this past weekend. I am so glad it is over, although a little extra money is nice to do some fun things with. The kids always dread a garage sale because that means that some of their stuff will be gotten rid of. This one was no exception. We told them that if they had happy hearts and would help then Monday we would go to Toys R' Us and get them a new toy. They did great.

They remembered and we went as we said we would. The boys got Nerf dart guns and Kaibryn got a "puppy tree house" thing. Well tonight (the kids had an early bath after playing in the sand and water) they played inside. They ran around the house (they...including Chris) shooting each other. As they were shooting each other Kaibryn asked if I would help her get something out of her room. She got a "princess" outfit and crown and put it on. She was the princess...Chris was protecting her...the boys were trying to capture her. It is so funny the differences between boys and girls. They had a great time. Chris is such a good dad. I think he might have had more fun than the kids.

Well, hope everyone has a great week. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Million Dollar Find for Cooper

Do you know what you find when you clean out some sacks in the garage for a garage sale?

Not 1...

Not 2...

Not 3...

But 4 Lightning McQueen cars.

You would have thought Cooper hit the jackpot.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Making a Joyful Noise!!!!

Last night at church was the night the children's choirs sang. The kids did a great job. I know these will make you smile.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Backyard Fun

What happens when you...

1. Let the kids play outside (great weather)...

2. Don't really pay attention to what they are doing...

3. Leave a water hose unattended with an empty water table...

Now they are soaking, cold & are wanting to come in.

Fabulous Friday Favorites

I have two "Fabulous Friday Favorites" today. The first one is my husband. He is so loving, patient, and kind...especially towards me. Example, this morning. As he is walking out the door to go to work our electricity went out and how did I respond...I FREAKED OUT!!!!!! My hair was am I supposed to dry my hair with no electricity? And I had a piano lesson coming.I hate dealing with any situation like this...obviously. What did Chris do. He looked at me like I had lost my mind...I had and gave me a hug (he probably should have gotten pretty upset). He's amazing. I don't know what I would do without him. I know when he got in the truck to leave he had to have started laughing. I'm sure he has and will enjoy telling this story for many years to come. Glad I could provide him with some laughter. second is a new item I got the other day. I found it and thought that it was something that everyone could enjoy. I think it's going to be a hit!!! It's a "shaved ice machine." The kids love it and they keep asking if they can have another one. The brand is "Back to Basics." It's not a "must have" but with the weather getting warm what a fun treat.

As you are reading this and looking at the pictures you are probably wondering why they are all mixed up and don't really go with the "statement" about them. You will have to use your imagination. I tried to fix it twice and it took too long (time is precious as you know) so I just left it. That's kind of the day I am having so far. But..."THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT."

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!!

I am thankful that this weekend is almost here. I love Chris not having to work on Saturdays.

I am thankful that all six of us can go to the grocery store and actually enjoy the time we are together.

I am thankful that I am getting my haircut tomorrow.

I am thankful that all six of us have gotten back into the routine or our "normal" life.

I am thankful that for the first time all week I can actually see the floor of my laundry room.

I am thankful that I really enjoy sports and am sitting here with my great husband watching basketball.

I am thankful for my four blessings who are sweetly sleeping in their beds.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to Our Lives

We made it home after a fun and adventure filled vacation. The trip home for me was sooooooo S-L-O-W. I was so ready to see Kaityn Mae. It seems like she has grown so much in a week. She is starting to run...makes the funniest faces...she'll squeal at the top of her lungs and then just laugh...she is at such a fun age right now.

Kaityn Mae more so than Kaibryn LOVES babies. She will carry one around, wrap it up in a blanket and try to feed it with a bottle. It's so interesting how God can put that loving, motherly instinct in an almost 15 month old little girl. And little GIRL she is...very emotional, you can tell by her facial expressions exactly what she is thinking and if she is happy with you or not. Chris took me and the kids to McDonald's today for lunch for my "birthday party". There was a little boy who knocked her down. She looked at that little boy and gave him the meanest face I have ever seen before and then a few minutes later she walked over to his Grandpa and gave him the same look and pointed at him. I was embarased and the Grandpa and the others with him just started laughing. I need to work on a gentle and quiet spirit with her now.

She loves shoes, purses & having her hair brushed. After she is dressed in the morning if she does not have shoes on she brings me some. What a little lady, except if she is wearing a dress she will hold it up above her head...we will work on this. It is weird to think that when Christopher was this age I had Kaibryn and when Kaibryn was this age I had Cooper. How I did it was only by the grace of God.

How I love this little girl. She makes my heart happy. What a precious is all our kids. I took these pictures this morning as she was playing "Mommy." Sorry the pictures are kind of fuzzy. She is not still for very long.

I posted some more pics from our vacation.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 6

Well, we made it. We went to Sea World. Chris's fever broke late last night and he said he was feeling much better with just a sore throat (I think he was just telling me that). The kids were so excited (& so was I).

"Seamoo" (AKA Shamu) was our first stop. This show blew me away. Killer whales weigh anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 pounds and eat up to 250 gallons of fish a day. Christopher wanted to sit in the "splash zone" which we did (even though I did not want to get wet). I thought since we were more to the top of the zone I would miss it but no we did not and the water was so COLD. As I was watching the show I was in tears because we were there. The kids have been talking about Sea World for the past 40 something days and God had answered prayers and we were here. (I'm a little emotional at times).

We also went and saw a beluga whale & dolphin show, the kids rode a Shamu roller coaster, the older two rode a water ride with Chris, we saw a 4-D Pirate show that was so funny (there were water, sound, and wind effects), everyone rode the "log ride", ate lunch, played, lost Cooper (but found him...that's another adventure I don't want to think about), saw the "Busch Kleidsdale Horses" (spelling, not so sure on), walked about 3 miles, sweat about 250 gallons, bought souveniers & had a great time.

Another adventure I would not like to live over again is Chris getting too hot and dehydrated (remember he has been sick). At lunch he looked BAD and was shaking. He said he needed to sit for an extended period of time. Well, he ended up laying down underneath a tree, pouring water on himself and drinking. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!!! He really looked bad. I thought he was going to pass out or worse. Once again, I am in a place with three kids who wanted to go play and ride other rides and there is my husband who to me looked like he was not going to make it. Seriously, I thought he might have a heat stroke or heart attack or something. After a few minutes he felt better and we continued our day at Sea World. I think I need a vacation to re-coop from the past two days. He is doing much better now. He is back to his normal self...making me laugh & keeping me calm.

Kaibryn told Chris as we left that this was the "funnest day I have ever had." Cooper said his favorite thing today was riding the Shamu roller coaster & Christopher said buying the souveniers. Of course he would say that, he got a pirate sword.

The kids are in bed, our room is packed and ready to go & I hope I can sleep tonight. I can't wait to see Kaityn Mae tomorrow. Hope she remembers who I am. This has been a great week full of ups and downs and alot of unexpecteds but to quote Chris's dad, "We're making memories." And that we did. As soon as we get home I will post pictures. I'm still using the motel's computer. Hope everyone has had a great week. We'll see and talk to you soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 5

Well, today as every day was an adventure. No. We did not get to go to Sea World. I'm not sure we will be able to make it this trip. Chris is still pretty sick. I guess I'm not learning flexibility. I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to be learning from this. But I had a fun day spending it with my kids who make me smile and laugh and even cry. As we were watching the dolphins and their eyes lit up and they were saying that they can't wait to see "Seamoo" (AKA Shamoo) my heart was so sad that it might not happen but they were able to find joy in everything that we did today and it help me find joy when my heart was saddened by the same thought of not being able to see "Seamoo."

Let me start of by saying I CANNOT read ANY form of map...atlas or mapquest - even the one that says "turn right in 0.2 miles." Chris and I always joke that if we were on "The Amazing Race" he would have to be all time driver and navigator because I am worthless. I don't even know N, S, E, W. I know, pretty bad. Well, with Chris being sick the kids and I headed to downtown Corpus Christi to the "Texas State Aquarium" which is amazing. I actually got us there, no thanks to the map. I missed a turn somwhere (I think there were several streets missing the signs) but followed the signs on the highway. The kids loved the aquarium. There was a dolphin show, sharks, alligators, turtles, snakes, stingrays (which all three of the kids got to touch...again, not their momma - I was the photographer). When we left there I had NO clue how to get back, again, remember I don't know my north, south, east, or west. I finally found "Crosstown Expressway" which I knew our lodging was right off of that (and some other street). When I got close to where I knew I should turn off either to the right or left the kids started yelling, "There's the seashell bridge." That's EXACTLY where I needed to be. It had seashells on the side of it and the kids noticed it when we got here the other day. However, their Mother (Christopher reminded me I need to learn to "know" where I am going) was not on that highway but was able to get us to our destination. There were several times today where I have prayed like NO other time in my life. I could just see myself ending up face to face with the ocean with no where to turn.

Today was probably my highest stress point in a long time. Chris was sick (I hate that...what if he needs a Dr. and I have no clue where we are & I had to leave him & I did not want to get sick - lots of emotions and fears), I had all three kids in a city and state I am NOT familiar with, and I CANNOT read a map. Quite funny at times.

After the aquarium we went back to the motel to swim. It took about 15 minutes to get to the museum from our motel and about 45 minutes to get back...but we got there. Cooper is our little fish. When we were coming in from swimming Christopher being the big brother that he is threw Cooper's flip flops into the pool and Cooper jumped into the pool towel and all to get his flip flops; however, he did not have his floaties on. Did that scare him? No. He bobbed up and down out of the water laughing and smiling and then SWAM over to the side of the pool. After everyone got dried off we went back to the "shoreline" and they played at a park right next to the ocean. It was so beautiful and the breeze was SO nice because it has been warm. For dinner, we decided to eat at the only Whaterburger that is two stories. Of course, being the great mom that I am we ate on the top story outside surrounded by birds enjoying all the dropped food from my children (dropped on purpose I am sure) with myself PRAYING that we would not have any droppings from those birds on prayers were answered. And then the trek back to our apartment and I got us here with virtually no problem & no map. I must be improving...doubt it.

As I am typing this I am laughing at myself...all the thoughts I've had and all the events of the day. I am sure this is a day I will not soon forget. It was fun to be by the ocean again and to think that the God who created that great body of water...the waves, the fish, the plants, the sands...created us and we are His beautiful creation. I have loved this vacation...yes it has had its ups and downs but seeing the looks on the kids faces and the joy they had in EVERYTHING that we have done was so worth the time and money we spent.

So for day 6, we might not make it to Sea World but in the grand scheme of things and life it is OK. We have made some great memories.

I can't wait to see my baby Kaityn Mae in 2 days!!!!!! We have missed her so much. She would have absolutely loved the water and would have loved being outside...maybe next time.

I guess this would be my "Thankful Thursday" as well. God has protected us, provided for us and has allowed us to see the beauty of His creation." I will try to post pictures when we get home. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anderson Andventure...Day 4

It is a little after 9:00 P.M. and everyone is in bed...including Chris. He is sick with a sinus infection. The kids keep asking if we are going to Sea World tomorrow and Chris asked me (I thought he was kidding) if I wanted to take them by myself. I am a little stressed right now. I'm supposed to be flexible I know but it is hard. I just told the kids we will have to wait and see. I don't know who is more disappointed, me or them.

Anyway, this has been a "down" day. Today for lunch we headed to the River Walk again and ate at the "Rainforest Cafe". The older two really had fun. Cooper on the other hand did not like it so much. Everytime the thunderstorms began and the gorillas started moving he buried his head into Chris's arms.

After lunch we headed to Beeville, Texas. Chris has some customers down there he needed to go see so the kids and I went to the smallest Wal-Mart Supercenter known to man and toured the giant matropolis of Beeville, Texas.

Our final destination was Corpus Christi (yes, we are thankful in ALL things). We dropped our stuff off and headed to downtown Corpus Christi and ate at "Landry's". It is a seafood place. It was on a boat on the water. The kids loved it. The manager at the restaurant came and introduced himself to us and was putting the kids names on the cups for refills. He asked everyone's names and when he got to Cooper, Cooper asked the manager, "Do you know what my second name is?" I was thinking "McKenlee" or "Anderson" but no. He said, "Junior" (he likes to be called "Dale Junior.") He is constantly making us laugh.

However, the highlight of the evening was the siting of what Christopher called a "pirate ship." When we got up to it we discovered that it was a replica of one of Christopher Columbus's ships the "Nina". To my surprise the kids remembered some of the story of Columbus from school this year (I wasn't a total failure :) ). Kaibryn made a reference to it looking like the "Cauliflour" (AKA the Mayflower...maybe I was a failure :) ). Christopher is so into pirate ships that this probably made his whole trip. After dinner we made a quick dip in the pool which was much cooler than the other place we stayed but still too cold for a wimpy mother like me. I just sat on the edge ready to save a life if needed.

It was a good day. It is really HOT and HUMID and windy. Not a good combination for someone who has some curl in their hair. I've been looking like a frizz ball lately. Maybe I should use one of Becky's "Fabulous Friday Favorites". Tomorrow I'm sure will be full of surprises and laughs. We'll just have to wait and see. I can't post any pics from today b/c I'm having to use the computer in the "office" here at the motel. I'm used to an "Apple". I'm not used to a (I think it's called) desktop. I'm spoiled. :)

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 3

Today was the day we went to the ocean. The kids were so excited. We drove down to Corpus Christi and then to Port Aransas and took a ferry ride across to Padre Island. It was really fun. I am clostraphobic so the ferry boat ride was interesting for me. Being in our car, surrounded by other cars, surrounded by water...not my idea of relaxing. I'm so glad we did it though. As we were coming across on the ferry Kaibryn said, "This is the greatest day of my life."

It rained on us the whole way down and I prayed that it would stop by the time we got there. God answers prayer. By the time we got there it had quit raining and was partly cloudy. Christopher absolutely loved the water. He went out as far as Chris could let him (if the pictures will download you can see him) and just let the waves crash on him and over him. Kaibryn tried to be brave. She and I just got in and let the waves push us out on to the beach. Cooper did not like the seaweed. He held on to Chris the whole time.

After we spent time at the ocean we started home. Christopher asked for a drink and before we knew it he had drank the WHOLE bottle of water. Let me just say within about 30 minutes he had to go to the bathroom three times. He learned the fine art (I guess) of using the restroom in a bottle in a moving car on a highway. It was very funny. He thought it was great. He is such a little boy.

It looks like we are going to have to commute from Corpus Christi to Sea World Thursday and Friday. Chris has done EVERYTHING he can to cancel but the management in Corpus has not been helpful. They have lied to us and not returned phone calls. There is nothing we can do at this point but to be joyful in all things. So that is what we are going to do. I have to remind myself of that because I am NOT happy about it but once again, God is in control. We are having such a great time. The kids are so funny and think everything we do is the greatest. So there is not way I'm going to let this situation drown out all that joy.

We are playing tomorrow by ear (I'm learning to be flexible...I'm a planner) but I know whatever we do it will be fun and I can't wait.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 2

I should probably say that our "Adventure" for today started late last night. After we put the kids in bed Chris got on the computer to check out directions and other information about Sea World. WELL...when he got onto the site on the calendar it showed that Sea World was closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Our original plan was to go Monday and Tuesday. We had a moment of panic. Back in March when we scheduled this trip both Chris and I looked at the calendar and did not see that it was closed. I also have been on the website checking out times for "Dinner with Shamu" on Monday or Tuesday but did not schedule anything because I had not talked to Chris and not any time did it say that Sea World was going to be closed.

LONG STORY...our original plan was San Antonio today thru Wed. (go to Sea World) and then Wed. through Friday going to Corpus Christi to the ocean. We are now (& have been since last night) in the process of trying to cancel our motel in Corpus without losing any money and staying here for the whole week and just driving to Corpus Tuesday and Wednesday and then going to Sea World Thursday and Friday (We ARE going to Sea World)...does any of that make sense? Probably not. But that is just a glimpse into the life of myself learning flexibility (not my strongest character).

SO, onto today. We went to the Alamo, Ripley's Believe It or Not, went and ate on the River Walk & then back to swimming in the FRIGID waters of the motel. And no, once again, Mommy did not swim. I was the lifeguard. We are right now enjoying dinner and are going to watch a movie. It was not the day we had originally planned but we enjoyed being together, laughing and having fun.

Hopefully we will not be commuting back and forth from Corpus to Sea World, but even if we do that's OK (I'm learning flexibility). God is in control of this situation and I have to trust Him. He is a big God and can do big things. When I think of this "little" (in the grand scheme of things) situation I am humbled to think that He cares. I trust Him We will let you know how things go. I am sure that tomorrow will be another great adventure and I can't wait to see what happens. Check back for pictures.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 1

Well, we are off on our family vacation to San Antonio. The kids woke up bright and early this morning and we hit the road around 8:00 A.M. We have a DVD player in our van so the trip goes by quicker for the kids. We had a picnic lunch and then around 1:00...a blow out on the van. So we spent some time this afternoon in Temple, Texas getting a flat fixed. While Chris was putting on the spare on the side of a bridge in alot of traffic Kaibryn asked what Daddy was doing. I told her that Daddy was putting on the extra tire. She so sweetly said, "Oh Mommy, did you pack a tire too." Pretty funny.

The Lord really took care of us (1) the blow out was in a city instead of the middle of nowhere, (2) we found a tire store OPEN and with the type of tire we needed...the last time we bought a new tire it was over $200 because it was a "special make" because our car was a newer they make the one we need and we don't have to go to a dealer & (3) the salesman gave us two tires for the price of one. It was a good lesson for the kids to learn to "Give thanks in ALL things."

After that we headed to San Antonio (again). We got here and the kids wanted to swim. We ate and came back & the water was FREEZING!!!!! They did not seem to mind they just got in and swam (for a very short time). It's really not that late but we are so tired. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow at Sea World.

Please pray for our safety the rest of the trip and that the weather will stay nice. Check back tomorrow for more "adventure" stories & hopefully pictures. I can't get them to upload.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites!!! (A day late)

What a week this has been. It's Saturday AM and am in full packing mode. We leave in the morning for San Antonio for a week. The kids are so excited. Yesterday we celebrated my Grandparents 60th Anniversary. All the family came in. It was fun to see everyone and to swap stories. It was great.

Back to the "subject." My "Fabulous Friday Favorite" would have to be my "Too Faced Borderline" wax lip liner. As I am getting older I am noticing these lines on my lips and my lipstick runs ALL the time. It's annoying and not very pretty. Well, I found this liner and I love it. It actually works. It was kind of expensive but it was worth every penny. I have had it for about 3 months and have sharpened it only twice. It really lasts a long time. So if your lips are "aging" you might enjoy this product.

Hope everyone has a great week. Check back this week and I'll post some stories and pictures of our vacation. Talk to you soon.