Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anderson Andventure...Day 4

It is a little after 9:00 P.M. and everyone is in bed...including Chris. He is sick with a sinus infection. The kids keep asking if we are going to Sea World tomorrow and Chris asked me (I thought he was kidding) if I wanted to take them by myself. I am a little stressed right now. I'm supposed to be flexible I know but it is hard. I just told the kids we will have to wait and see. I don't know who is more disappointed, me or them.

Anyway, this has been a "down" day. Today for lunch we headed to the River Walk again and ate at the "Rainforest Cafe". The older two really had fun. Cooper on the other hand did not like it so much. Everytime the thunderstorms began and the gorillas started moving he buried his head into Chris's arms.

After lunch we headed to Beeville, Texas. Chris has some customers down there he needed to go see so the kids and I went to the smallest Wal-Mart Supercenter known to man and toured the giant matropolis of Beeville, Texas.

Our final destination was Corpus Christi (yes, we are thankful in ALL things). We dropped our stuff off and headed to downtown Corpus Christi and ate at "Landry's". It is a seafood place. It was on a boat on the water. The kids loved it. The manager at the restaurant came and introduced himself to us and was putting the kids names on the cups for refills. He asked everyone's names and when he got to Cooper, Cooper asked the manager, "Do you know what my second name is?" I was thinking "McKenlee" or "Anderson" but no. He said, "Junior" (he likes to be called "Dale Junior.") He is constantly making us laugh.

However, the highlight of the evening was the siting of what Christopher called a "pirate ship." When we got up to it we discovered that it was a replica of one of Christopher Columbus's ships the "Nina". To my surprise the kids remembered some of the story of Columbus from school this year (I wasn't a total failure :) ). Kaibryn made a reference to it looking like the "Cauliflour" (AKA the Mayflower...maybe I was a failure :) ). Christopher is so into pirate ships that this probably made his whole trip. After dinner we made a quick dip in the pool which was much cooler than the other place we stayed but still too cold for a wimpy mother like me. I just sat on the edge ready to save a life if needed.

It was a good day. It is really HOT and HUMID and windy. Not a good combination for someone who has some curl in their hair. I've been looking like a frizz ball lately. Maybe I should use one of Becky's "Fabulous Friday Favorites". Tomorrow I'm sure will be full of surprises and laughs. We'll just have to wait and see. I can't post any pics from today b/c I'm having to use the computer in the "office" here at the motel. I'm used to an "Apple". I'm not used to a (I think it's called) desktop. I'm spoiled. :)

Talk to you soon.


Daisy Girl said...

I'll be praying for good health and that everything would go perfect tomorrow! Ugh! Hang in there! You are having a great time... you are having a great time... you are having a great time......

Mrs. Troop said...

The Coach and I always say that we're doing it for the kids.
Just repeat that over and over! HA!
Hope Dad feels better tomorrow and that you are able to make it to Sea World after all!

mom2camo said...

Hope you guys make it to Sea World! We'll pray Chris feels better today. I know when the kids are all still so young, vacations don't seem like a vacation to the mama. But they are making memories that will last with them! Have fun today!