Monday, May 5, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 2

I should probably say that our "Adventure" for today started late last night. After we put the kids in bed Chris got on the computer to check out directions and other information about Sea World. WELL...when he got onto the site on the calendar it showed that Sea World was closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Our original plan was to go Monday and Tuesday. We had a moment of panic. Back in March when we scheduled this trip both Chris and I looked at the calendar and did not see that it was closed. I also have been on the website checking out times for "Dinner with Shamu" on Monday or Tuesday but did not schedule anything because I had not talked to Chris and not any time did it say that Sea World was going to be closed.

LONG STORY...our original plan was San Antonio today thru Wed. (go to Sea World) and then Wed. through Friday going to Corpus Christi to the ocean. We are now (& have been since last night) in the process of trying to cancel our motel in Corpus without losing any money and staying here for the whole week and just driving to Corpus Tuesday and Wednesday and then going to Sea World Thursday and Friday (We ARE going to Sea World)...does any of that make sense? Probably not. But that is just a glimpse into the life of myself learning flexibility (not my strongest character).

SO, onto today. We went to the Alamo, Ripley's Believe It or Not, went and ate on the River Walk & then back to swimming in the FRIGID waters of the motel. And no, once again, Mommy did not swim. I was the lifeguard. We are right now enjoying dinner and are going to watch a movie. It was not the day we had originally planned but we enjoyed being together, laughing and having fun.

Hopefully we will not be commuting back and forth from Corpus to Sea World, but even if we do that's OK (I'm learning flexibility). God is in control of this situation and I have to trust Him. He is a big God and can do big things. When I think of this "little" (in the grand scheme of things) situation I am humbled to think that He cares. I trust Him We will let you know how things go. I am sure that tomorrow will be another great adventure and I can't wait to see what happens. Check back for pictures.


mom2camo said...

I'm so sorry your trip is not going as planned!! I guess it's a good lesson in flexibility and trusting the Lord as you say! Hope ya'll have a fun day today!~Beck

The She and I Show said...

It wouldn't be an Anderson adventure wihtout things not going as planned. :) I'm sure the kids are having fun spending time with dad all day. It'll be hard having to go back to work. Ya'll be careful! Love ya!

Mrs. Troop said...

You are amazing to be recording this all for posterity! How fun! Unfortunately plans interrupted make the best memories!