Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anderson Adventure...Day 5

Well, today as every day was an adventure. No. We did not get to go to Sea World. I'm not sure we will be able to make it this trip. Chris is still pretty sick. I guess I'm not learning flexibility. I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to be learning from this. But I had a fun day spending it with my kids who make me smile and laugh and even cry. As we were watching the dolphins and their eyes lit up and they were saying that they can't wait to see "Seamoo" (AKA Shamoo) my heart was so sad that it might not happen but they were able to find joy in everything that we did today and it help me find joy when my heart was saddened by the same thought of not being able to see "Seamoo."

Let me start of by saying I CANNOT read ANY form of map...atlas or mapquest - even the one that says "turn right in 0.2 miles." Chris and I always joke that if we were on "The Amazing Race" he would have to be all time driver and navigator because I am worthless. I don't even know N, S, E, W. I know, pretty bad. Well, with Chris being sick the kids and I headed to downtown Corpus Christi to the "Texas State Aquarium" which is amazing. I actually got us there, no thanks to the map. I missed a turn somwhere (I think there were several streets missing the signs) but followed the signs on the highway. The kids loved the aquarium. There was a dolphin show, sharks, alligators, turtles, snakes, stingrays (which all three of the kids got to touch...again, not their momma - I was the photographer). When we left there I had NO clue how to get back, again, remember I don't know my north, south, east, or west. I finally found "Crosstown Expressway" which I knew our lodging was right off of that (and some other street). When I got close to where I knew I should turn off either to the right or left the kids started yelling, "There's the seashell bridge." That's EXACTLY where I needed to be. It had seashells on the side of it and the kids noticed it when we got here the other day. However, their Mother (Christopher reminded me I need to learn to "know" where I am going) was not on that highway but was able to get us to our destination. There were several times today where I have prayed like NO other time in my life. I could just see myself ending up face to face with the ocean with no where to turn.

Today was probably my highest stress point in a long time. Chris was sick (I hate that...what if he needs a Dr. and I have no clue where we are & I had to leave him & I did not want to get sick - lots of emotions and fears), I had all three kids in a city and state I am NOT familiar with, and I CANNOT read a map. Quite funny at times.

After the aquarium we went back to the motel to swim. It took about 15 minutes to get to the museum from our motel and about 45 minutes to get back...but we got there. Cooper is our little fish. When we were coming in from swimming Christopher being the big brother that he is threw Cooper's flip flops into the pool and Cooper jumped into the pool towel and all to get his flip flops; however, he did not have his floaties on. Did that scare him? No. He bobbed up and down out of the water laughing and smiling and then SWAM over to the side of the pool. After everyone got dried off we went back to the "shoreline" and they played at a park right next to the ocean. It was so beautiful and the breeze was SO nice because it has been warm. For dinner, we decided to eat at the only Whaterburger that is two stories. Of course, being the great mom that I am we ate on the top story outside surrounded by birds enjoying all the dropped food from my children (dropped on purpose I am sure) with myself PRAYING that we would not have any droppings from those birds on prayers were answered. And then the trek back to our apartment and I got us here with virtually no problem & no map. I must be improving...doubt it.

As I am typing this I am laughing at myself...all the thoughts I've had and all the events of the day. I am sure this is a day I will not soon forget. It was fun to be by the ocean again and to think that the God who created that great body of water...the waves, the fish, the plants, the sands...created us and we are His beautiful creation. I have loved this vacation...yes it has had its ups and downs but seeing the looks on the kids faces and the joy they had in EVERYTHING that we have done was so worth the time and money we spent.

So for day 6, we might not make it to Sea World but in the grand scheme of things and life it is OK. We have made some great memories.

I can't wait to see my baby Kaityn Mae in 2 days!!!!!! We have missed her so much. She would have absolutely loved the water and would have loved being outside...maybe next time.

I guess this would be my "Thankful Thursday" as well. God has protected us, provided for us and has allowed us to see the beauty of His creation." I will try to post pictures when we get home. Talk to you soon.


mom2camo said...

Wow what a day! I really do hope ya'll get to go to Sea World...but I guess it would not be the end of the world if ya didn't....

I bet you do miss your little Kaityn! I'm sure she misses her mommy too...

Have fun tomorrow!