Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Growing Up!!!!

Well, tonight is a sad night for me.

The girls room is kind of cramped - twin size bed, baby bed, dresser, and MANY toys perfect for little girls, etc. At the age of two all of our kids have gotten their "big boy/girl" beds. Kaityn Mae is 22 months and we have been talking about getting the girl bunk beds. Kaibryn's bed has a trundle & so I thought that maybe we could try Kaityn on it & it would give the girls even more room. I have never been real fond of a trundle because who makes the bed...top has to make the bed, bottom just shoves it under...I'm rambling.

Well, Kaibryn has been excited about having more room so we decided to give it a try tonight. Anywho...we made the bed tonight laid Kaityn down & SHE DID NOT GET UP!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited because YES, the girls will have more room but sad because our baby is not a baby anymore.

YES, I took a picture. I will have to post it later though.


Nana's Navigations said...

I love that, but it is sad at the same time..

Mrs. Troop said...

That is kind of sad. . .
And you are brave. Little Man is almost the same age and I plan to leave him in the crib until he's, oh, 5 or so.
Just kidding. :-)

Jo said...

Found your blog over at Mrs. Troops. Your posts are a delights. We have a zoo going on here as well. :) And.... just moved our baby girl out of the crib. Sweet days.