Monday, July 2, 2007

The Cutest Little Baby Face

I feel bad that there is only one picture of Kaityn on our "blog site." She is usually asleep when we take pictures. This "blog" is just for her. Kaityn is now 4 months old. The time has gone by so fast. She is the sweetest baby. She is a good natured, happy, content little girl. The kids love to be around her and do all they can to make her laugh. She is so much fun to watch and play with. She started eating cereal a couple of weeks ago and she is beginning to like it. I was hoping it would help her sleep through the night but it has not happened yet. But that is OK. I'm just a Mom. Who needs sleep, right? :) Chris and I think she is advanced. She is starting to hold her own bottle and she can sit for a short amount of time by herself. She is the perfect addition to our family and we are so blessed. "Every good and perfect gift is from above."


Grana said...

You got that right! I love this picture. We need to make a copy of it! We miss you all!

1031 Tuesday said...

Wow! Welcome to 2007 and the blogosphere as it is called by so many out there in media-land. This is really a cool thing and it's better than email...more interactive. Anyway, you can read my ramblings at I post something every Tuesday that I'm not on a honeymoon before 10:31am. Anyway, cute kids, Keli, cute kids!