Monday, November 12, 2007

Kaibryn Turns Five

Time sure has flown by. This past Saturday was Kaibryn's fifth birthday. The day was filled with excitement. We started off the morning with a birthday party with four of her friends from church. She had alot of fun. We made "princess wands" and had a lunch of heart shaped PBJ's, chips, and apples and dip along with cupcakes. She picked out the menu. When we were first talking about what she wanted to eat she wanted "salad." I don't know of many kids who ask that their birthday meal be salad. We finished off the evening with a "family" birthday party. It was fun to get everyone together to celebrate her big day. All day she kept asking, "Is it still my birthday?" It was a great day and also a long day. We'll do it again next year :) :)


Larissa said...

Of course, all children are beautiful, especially to they mama they daddy and they aunties, but I gotta tell ya, Kaiby rocks that little posse of girls. No wonder she likes them. Uh Huh! You go girl!