Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Cares

I just returned a little while ago from going to the grocery store. This is probably only the third or fourth time I have taken all four of the kids with me. It is usually quite the experience. This one was no exception...funny looks, funny comments and a near catastrophe. However, those stories are for another time.

I went to a place called "Aldi". Their prices are very good and it is small. However, to get a cart you pay a quarter (you get it back when you return the cart). Anyway, as I am heading there I realize I have no quarter. I looked all in my purse and car and realize I have used my quarters to teach the kids this past week about money and it was on the counter. Well, I knew I could go in and get change and then come back outside and get the cart. I also new that it was a big deal to get four kids in a store, get money, go back outside and then come back inside. Maybe it was more of an inconvenience for me. Well, I prayed real quick and just asked the Lord to show me a quarter so i did not have to do that. When I got out of the van I looked on the ground to see if maybe someone dropped one. They did not. So I just figured it was no big deal I would just go get change.

Well, we got to the door and an older gentlemen said, "It looks like you need a cart." I was so excited. I said "thank you" and told the Lord "thank you" and went inside to go get a quarter and give it to that kind man. God says to cast ALL our cares on Him...not just the big cares which I often think. He cares about the little things in life. I remember in our old house one time nothaving a candle and not having money to go get one. I prayed, realizing it was not a need but a want (I like our house to smell like something other than diapers). The next day was Sunday and a lady at church brought me a gift and do you know what it was...a CANDLE!!!! God cares about every minute detail of our life. He is a good and kind God and I am overwhelmed and in tears about how he cares for little 'ol Keli and a silly quarter.

The interesting thing to this story is that I never saw that man in the store. They were not busy and I'm sure I could have missed seeing him but I did not see him and I was actively looking.

Thank you Lord for caring about the small details of my life and that you are so trustworthy. Forgive me for making you small. Your love and concern for me is overwhelming & I praise You.


Mrs. Troop said...

Love the story about the quarter. God is so good. It seems that just when I feel like I can't handle any more He sends something to remind me of His love.
Do you like Aldi? I've never been. It's not "close" and I haven't been motivated enough to make an extra trip. HA!
Take care and have a great weekend!