Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maybe Next Time

Well, the weather today was beautiful, but windy. I thought that tonight it would be fun if we went on a picnic and let the kids play at the park. I made sandwiches and packed some chips and cookies...or should I say Kaibryn packed them. I postedd a picture of the immaculately packed bag. She took great pride in how she packed it and got very upset when Kaityn took the chips out of their space.

We decided to go to this little neighborhood park. When I got out of the car I realized very quickly that this was going to be a short evening. It was SO windy. I opened up the tablecloth for the table and immediately the wind blew it up. We anchored it down with food and other items. It did not really help much. Christopher's bag of Cheetos blew away and all our napkins. The kids then started complaining about it being cold so Chris had them get up and run in place and back and forth to another table. After a very quick bite (we will definately behaving snacks tonight) off to play they went. They were running around like they have never been out of the house before and poor took all her strength to keep herself up on her feet. But even she enjoyed it.

Needless to say, maybe next time it won't be windy and cold.