Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Church

This Sunday, Easter, at our church we are having a pancake breakfast and then our "Easter Encounter" service. This past Friday we went as a family and passed out flyers in our neighborhood. The kids were so excited and had alot of fun running from house to house putting them in doors. Cooper has just started going to "big church" with us on Sunday mornings and evenings. He does a really good job and looks forward to it.
Cooper went up to this one house where the man was working on his car. Cooper with all the enthusiasm of a three year old said, "Hi, come go to big church" and then ran off with a huge smile on his face. All I can say, "Cooper is Cooper." What a bubbly little spirit he has.


mom2camo said...

So do you have 3 in church with you now? I'm impressed. I just came across a whole community online of people who believe there should be no nurseries in churches...I, for one, am very thankful for them!! :) But there's a time to move on to big church, and I can still remember the day I moved on to big church at old FSBC! What a special day!

Mrs. Troop said...

How fun!
We usually have the kids come with us once they are four. But now that we have six with us I'm rethinking it. HA!
I don't know how much of the teaching I "get". :-)
Love the enthusiasm. Oh to have a thimble full of that energy!
Take care~