Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

What a weekend!!!!! It was so busy. So fun. So tiring. As I am sitting here I am trying to recall everything that we did and my brain is a little foggy. I'm a little sleepy.

PaPa, Grana, Sophie (the dog) Uncle Michael and Aunt Candace came from Kansas City for a visit. The kids had alot of fun playing with them and every night were wiped out...the kids and adults. It's always fun when they come to town because it's' kind of a "mini vacation" for me. Even though I am with the kids I have extra help and get to sit down and relax a little bit.

Saturday night Chris and I went to bed earlier than normal. Chris had to be at church 4:00 A.M. Sunday morning for our pancake breakfast. This is the first time we have done this at church and I think all went well. I got the kids ready in their new easter clothes (including jackets and sweaters because it was so cold) and we walked out the door at 8:45 to go eat our pancakes. I met a friend of mine there with her two kids for help and support that morning in feeding many mouths. It was quite the sight. We walked into the fellowship hall...2 adults, a double stroller, a single stroller, and 3 children walking behind. We thought if we sat in the back of the fellowship hall we would be out of the way. We really did not think through that very well. Went we were finished and got up to leave, the same caravan had to weave our way through tables full of people. We were quite a site and got many funny looks. Fortunately there were some people who must have felt sorry for us because they helped us get drinks and kept asking if we were doing ok. The services Sunday morning were excellent. Our new pastor is amazing. Chris and I really love him. Once I got to the service and sat down there was a huge sense of accomplishment that I made it to church...early.

After church we headed to Harrah to Chris's grandparents house to hunt for easter eggs. When we first got there Christopher and Kaibryn hid the eggs and then said, "Go." Cooper got very upset because they "found" all the eggs and he only got one. After Harrah we headed to Choctaw for another easter egg hunt with my sister-in-laws family. There were kids everywhere. It is so fun to watch our kids with older kids. They took them under their wings and showed them where the eggs were hidden. They ran around, jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set and ate pizza.

Needless to say, at the end of the day they were tired and they STUNK!!!!!!!! We took baths and headed to bed. Looking back on what seemed to be the longest day of my life I was reminded again how blessed I am. I am part of an amazing church family, have an amazing immediate family, and an amazing extended family. Without Christ I would be nothing and have nothing. I am so grateful for the gift of His Son who died for ME. I pray I never forget the feeling of the "lostness" I felt before I met Christ.

This is a busy week for us with lots of cleaning and birthdays. I hope everyone has a blessed week and I will blog again soon.


mom2camo said...

Looks like ya'll had a great Easter! What a beautiful family! Glad you made it to the breakfast on time...and to church early! That is truly a feat! I hear the service was "amazing" parents really love Pastor too...Happy Easter!

Mrs. Troop said...

LOVE THE PICTURES! Thanks for that. How fun to see the family - I miss them!
Good to see you yesterday. In real life! HA!
Beautiful family, Girl. You are very blessed. Hope the kids did well with Grandma yesterday!
Take care~

Lori Leigh said...

You have such a nice looking family! Thanks for sharing the pics! We are actually planning on being in town in April and I was going to see if once we figure out what day we will be available, if maybe we could meet at a park and get the kids together. Mrs. Troop said she would like to come too. I know my son would like to see yours. I've lost your e-mail address (computer crashed or something a couple weeks ago) so you can e-mail me if you want. Thanks!