Friday, August 15, 2008

Tears in My Eyes

1. This is the face Kaityn makes when something is not going her way.

2. Notice the chocolate all over her hands and face...oreo bon-bons...she enjoyed hers.

She did the cutest thing today and I seriously teared up. (Sidenote: I have been very emotional today). We were at the store and she was riding in the cart. I was acting like my hand was hurting (not really acting, it was hurting) and saying, "Ow". I did this a few times and she thought it was funny.

Well, I stopped.

People were staring.

A few seconds later, on her own, she leaned down and kissed my hand. My eyes started to sweat.

Made my heart happy. She was good medicine for my hand today.


Mrs. Troop said...

What a tender litte heart!
I think we must have a mercy deficiency at our house - can I bring my kids over? :-)