Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Greatest Day Ever!!!

Well, the long awaited Saturday arrived yesterday...the first OU football game. The kids were so excited because they were able to wear their "game day shirts." For those of you who don't know, for the past 5 or 6 years EVERYONE gets a new game day outfit. This is the outfit you wear EVERY game day and ONLY on game day. In the past we have waited until the Friday night before to purchase these shirts but not this year we went about a month ago. The shirts had been hung in our closet until the unveiling took place Saturday.

The morning was filled with excitement as at random times you would hear one yell "Boomer" and another respond back with "Sooner." Even Kaityn Mae chimed in every once in a while with a "Moomah". As you can tell we are HUGE Sooner fans and football fans in general.

I was excited for this day as well because I found out earlier last week that some of our friends were going and I was going to get to go as well. However, my babysitter (my Mom) was out of town. It's not easy (or cheap) to find someone who will watch four children. We had to get creative. We have some friends with kids around the age of our two boys so they went over to their house to play. Kaibryn went to her "bestest friend ever" Grace's house and sweet Kaityn went with our friends two little girls to her Mom's house. We have such good friends who were so helpful.

Well, we got to the started...half time...POURING rain. They evacuated all 80,000 fans to under the stadium. We went down into the tunnel where the "Schooner" comes out on to the field. This was the first game for the new horses who pulled the Schooner. One of the horses got very spooked from the noise of the people and the thunder and lightning. One of them started bucking a little and his eyes were WIDE...I felt so bad for the thing. The "Rednecks" and security kept getting the fans attention to try to keep everyone calm and quiet so the horses would calm down.

After the game we were STARVING and I think for the first time in Chris's life he did not stay until the end of the game. We left after the third quarter because we had to get our kids and it was SO LATE. We had a quick bite at McDonald' the home and fell into bed a little after midnight.

It was such a fun day. And just think, we get to do this for three more months!!!!!


Beth said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I never realized how important OU football was to me until I didn't have it. :(
I had to wait and watch the highlights on sportscenter Saturday evening. Although, new developments in AK...we are getting Direct TV next week, and I am getting the College Gameday package. YEA!!!

Grana said...

The cutest fans in the world! Tell them Gran-mom-mom loves them! LOL!