Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On My Toes

Kaityn Mae is a very busy little girl. I am always having to check and see where she is or what she is into. None of the other three were like this.

This week we are watching my parents dog Maddy while they are out of town. Kaityn LOVES this sweet little dog and thinks it is her child. She is constantly looking at her and shaking her finger and saying, "No" or "doh" (down).

Today Kaityn and Maddy were having a tea party.

Guess what THEY were eating...notice I said THEY!!!!


Lori Leigh said...


She is so cute. And what a creative way to get the dog to have a tea party with her!

mom2camo said...'s amazing what our kids eat and live to tell about...yuck!! she is such a cutie, Keli!!