Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making Memories

OK, Chris and I, again stayed up late to watch the Olympics with all the millions of other people in the world. We don't need sleep, right?

As we were watching TV we heard a strange "cracking" type noise. The more we listened, the more we recognized the sound as a "dripping" sound. Well, our roof is
leaking. It's not like it's in the middle of the day, sunny, warm, perfect weather conditions; instead it is almost midnight, dark, a little chilly, and pouring down rain.

Chris went to investigate where it was coming from and thought he had found the spot and after calling his Dad decided to put a tarp covering the opening on the roof where we "thought" it was leaking. IN THE POURING RAIN, he placed a ladder on top of two benches and continued to scale the pitch of our roof (in the picture you will see how steep it is). He got the hole covered with the tarp and was not sure he could "scoot" down the roof. This is after I tried throwing him a rope (the "rope" was our garden hose and to the end of it was a boxing glove...call me "MacGuyver") to (I don't know how) climb down the roof. I didn't ask for details, I just went along with it...I'm such a good wife.

Chris yells down to me from the roof...

I'm in the back yard in shorts, flip flops, hooded jacket and Kaibryn's umbrella (quite a sight)... to move the trampoline in the pouring rain over to the house just in case he slips. I do as he says and pray harder than I think I have in a long time for the safety of my husband. Slowly he begins his "scooting" down the wet roof. Well, to my RELIEF he is able to slowly make it back down to the ladder and climb down without having to slide off the roof on to the trampoline. After which we both died laughing. Not 15 minutes before did we hear a news story about a chimney getting struck by lightning.

Well, Chris went back up into the attic and where he thought the leak was coming from was NOT where the leak was coming from. So (again, MacGuyver) we used a trash bag and nails to hopefully, stop the real leak until we can get the roofers to come out in the morning to fix it. Our roof is only a couple of months old so hopefully it will be an easy fix.

Now it is 12:42 A.M.

Kaibryn is sitting by me afraid of the thunder.

Chris (after almost falling through the roof...his foot slipped off the 2X4 in the attic) is now down and safe.

We are tired. And to be honest with you I am laughing right now. I wish we had a video of tonight. And as Chris's Dad always says in situations like this one...



Mrs. Troop said...

Oh My!
Glad everyone is safe and sound AND that your roof is new. Whew!
Too too funny - you will definitely laugh about that in the years to come. :-)
We've been staying up TOO TOO late, as well. Bad timing with school starting tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday!

mom2camo said...

Ahh!! What a night!! Glad Chris is still alive...and you are still sane!! Love to you!

Lori Leigh said...

So glad everyone is safe. We have had too many of those circumstances lately where if you don't laugh, you're gonna cry. :)