Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Supposed to Happen to Mommas

Well, this entry is about me and my boo boo. Last Saturday morning I was making some banana bread and as I was checking to see if it was done, the top of my hand hit the top of the oven and burned it. It was pretty red but did not think about it. It was only the third time I had done that in a couple of days but was always able to go about my daily business. blistered over and in the midst of playing the blister got torn off...OUCH!!!!! Long story short, Monday night my hand was throbbing and hurt to touch and Tuesday the same except worse and my hand was swollen. Went to a clinic and my burn was infected. I had visions of them having to scrape off the dead skin to clean it so I was a little nervous about going.

So, I have to keep it covered and am taking medicine for a week to get rid of the infection. The nurse asked me what my favorite color was. I thought that was a strange question but answered "red." So she pulled out a red bandage and showed me how to wrap my hand up with the med and bandage. After she wrapped it up and gave me everything I realized I should have said, "white" or "brown." Something other than red which stands out like a sore thumb :)!!!!

I know you are probably wondering "which hand?" Of course, it is my right hand the hand I use for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Today is a little better. I am able to use it without being in a great ammount of pain, but I can already tell I need to rest it and slow down a little bit. Anyone have suggestions on how to do that with four kiddos? I have four great helpers though who have helped me around the house and are always checking on me. What cuties!!!!


Larissa said...

hey keli, sorry to hear about your hand. red is cool and it will make your husband proud that you're all ou all the time. plus you can milk it no matter where you go. i guess the only advice i can give you is stop cooking ;) (then you won't burn yourself.) have a great thursday. larissa

Mrs. Troop said...

So so sorry!
My only advice would be DVD's.
We have a great video store up here that has free kid movies, so when I need "help" we go by there and pick up some old movies for the kids.
Maybe THAT is what I will do today!
Hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.

mom2camo said...

Oh Keli! Ouch! Glad you caught the infection before it got out of pun intended! Love you, Becks