Friday, August 8, 2008

Kaibryn's Sleep Over

Kaibryn has been so excited today. Last night she had her "bestest friend in the whole wide world" spend the night with her. This is the first time for her. Cooper earlier this summer had a friend spend the night while his mom was on a mission trip with our church. Christopher got to spend the night with a friend last Sunday night and Kaibryn felt a little left out. So Grace got to come over.

They have had a great time playing, laughing, drawing, playing with puzzles and everything else little girls like to do. It has been a day filled with little girl laughter and sweet chatter. Grace is such a sweet little girl and she and Kaibryn get along so well.

Last night Chris said that we were at a new stage in life now...sleep overs. They can come to our house; however, I'm not sure about sending ours out. They are still little babies and need their Momma, right :) !!!! I'm kidding (sord of).


mom2camo said...

No sleepovers here yet...I can't believe how old Grace looks! Wow! Kaibryn is just a natural beauty too...that blond hair!! I remember her little pony tail that was blond with her leftover baby black hair on the end of it!! She was such a go-getter as a baby...i'm sure she still is today!!

mom2camo said...

Just re-read my comment...and noticed how random it was...sorry. I'm very more potlucks, no more potlucks....

Mrs. Troop said...

How fun!
We had a cousin night here last week - three extras and VERY LITTLE SLEEP.
Once a year is my rule - and only at MY HOUSE. :-)