Monday, April 21, 2008

Zoo Day

It was so beautiful today. We were excited about the warm weather this week and decided to go to the zoo. My friend and her two little girls, myself with my 4 kiddos, and my sister-in-law went and had a great time. All the kids were 6 and under. They did so good and loved looking at the animals. Everything is so fun to them. I love seeing things through the eyes of a child. I have a "zoo pass" and it is so nice because you don't have to see EVERY animal to feel like you got your money's worth. We made it to the major animals and skipped the side of the zoo where all the "deer" and some of the cats are. We called it our "Phase One" trip. Next time we'll go see the animals on the other side of the zoo..."Phase Two".

Enjoy the pictures!!!


Mrs. Troop said...

Great pictures! I was just thinking today about taking the kids to the Zoo. I'm still thinking! You're brave!
Have a great week!