Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful for the rain. We had a "movie" day and I was able to veg out with the
kids and watch a movie with them (I might have gotten a little nap as well...don't worry Kaityn was taking her nap).

2. I'm thankful for friends who have confidence in me to minister to a single mother when I don't have confidence in myself.

3. I'm thankful for being able to teach my kids and see them have their "aha" moments when they discover they can do something on their own.

4. I'm thankful that warmer weather is around the corner...or tomorrow, you know Oklahoma weather.

5. I'm thankful for a "dust buster."

6. I'm thankful that I am learning about hospitality and that when we had 50 students (7-12th grade) I did not freak out about my house not being clean and when things got spilled I could honestly say, "It's's washable."

7. I'm thankful for our church & how it is beginning to experience true revival.

8. I'm thankful for our little Cooper - this week was his birthday!!

9. I'm thankful for my piano students which gives us a little extra money each month to do some fun things with.

10. I'm thankful for clean clothes...yes, hallelujah, all the clothes are clean, folded and put away (except for one load which will be done in a moment).

11. I'm thankful for our vacation coming up...30 days!!!! woo!! hoo!!!

God is good!!! I am thankful!!!!


Mrs. Troop said...

Love it! What a darling picture of the kids. I'm thankful for warmer weather, too. Blessings today~

The She and I Show said...

Hi babies! I love you!

Daisy Girl said...

I love your list. And seriously,... you have all your laundry done! Wow! I still have a couple loads to fold and put away... my favorite part.... I jest. Have a great Thursday!