Monday, April 7, 2008

Party Attire?

I am cracking up right now. Maybe you will think this is funny and maybe you won't...if you could hear the conversation in my head it is pretty funny.

At the end of this month Chris and I are going with my brother and sister-in-law and my parents to Memphis, Tennessee to what will probably be the biggest social event of my life - my cousin's wedding. The reception is going to be in the backyard of my Aunt's historic home under a tent which will be furnished with heaters and air-conditioning whichever will be needed. I am picturing the reception from "Father of the Bride." Her dress was specially made for her in New York. She is registered at Tiffany's (not to be confused with Target). Her "soup turrean" (a fancy name for a soup bowl) is over $2,400.00. There is a rehearsal dinner at a "Fried Chicken" restaurant (can't figure that one). It's going to be huge and quite an event...not a wedding like I am used to.

Well, a few minutes ago we got an invitation in the mail to the "after party" after the rehearsal someplace in downtown Memphis. On the invitation it said, "party attire." What is party attire? I immediately thought of what I would wear (IF we go...which I'm not sure we will). I guess my Mom jeans and t-shirt is out, right? What would your "party attire" be to the social event of the year, decade, my life. I might need some help in this area. It's really kind of funny to me because I am so not high society...believe me I do not look like high society today either. I'm sporting the "grunge" look. Don't get me wrong. I am really looking forward to seeing my Mom's side of the family which we have not seen in a long time and getting to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law (& my hubby.)

Like I said, you might not think this is funny but it has given me a good chuckle today. It has also been a reminder to me of how grateful I am for my "little" life here in OKC. I love being at home and taking care of my little society here under my roof. I don't have to be concerned about what people think of my attire, I am loved and God has blessed me with a life far greater than I deserve.


Daisy Girl said...

You should go over to Big Mama and submit your fashion question!:) On Fridays she gives fashion advice and she might know just the perfect thing. Because I would have NO idea! Ha!

mom2camo said...

How fun!!! You HAVE to ask Chris if you can get a new special outfit for that! Check out that frugal-fashionista blog...there may be something you can mimic...or maybe not! :) I don't know about you, but skinny jeans and me don't fit together!! ~Becks

Mrs. Troop said...

Oh My! I'm SO glad that's not me! For starters, I'm WAY out of date fashion wise. And then there is the whole size problem. Ugh.
So good luck with that and I sure hope we can hear all about it!
Sounds amazing and fancy and FUN!
I'd probably go with daisy girl and try Big Mama. She seems to do well with those fashion dilemas!

Anonymous said...
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Michael Hand said...

Keli!!! I have NO IDEA what I'm going to wear either! Talked to mom on the phone today and we both went round and round trying to figure out what would be appropriate. We should get together and solve this problem. :)