Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cooper's Birthday Party

Well, Saturday was the big day for was his 4th birthday party. I think it was more fun for us. There was some family and a couple of his friends and their parents (who we are friends with). It was great to let the kids play and then we just sat around and visited with our friends. It was great.

Again, his party "theme" was of course Lightning McQueen. Many of his gifts were from "Cars" and his cake was a "Cars" theme. He wanted a Lightning McQueen cake like last year but I was not brave enough to attempt that. So he had a checkered flag cake with Lightning McQueen and Mater on top. He thought it was great. He was so excited when he saw it which made my heart glad.

He spent all day today telling everyone that he was now four years old. He is great and fun. It was a long and fun weekend and I'm wiped out. Hope everyone has a great week.


mom2camo said...

Love the cake! Oh to have a cake that doesn't have a barbie stuck in the middle of it!! Looks like you all had a great time...I miss those parties of yours!~Beck

Daisy Girl said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! The cake is adorable!

Mrs. Troop said...

So fun! LOVE the cake - did you do that?
You should see the cakes my kids have. . .well, maybe not!
Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Grana said...

I love the cake! I bet Cooper-MooMoo loved it! Did he get his M&M's? I hope they were in time for his party! The tracking said they should be there!The party looks like you had so much fun. Wish we could have been there too!
Love ya!