Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kaityn Mae, Part 3

Well, I am happy to say that Kaityn is back. She is still fussy at times but is running no fever, is eating, and praise the Lord she is sleeping.

I thought I would include in this the top 5 cutest things that she is doing right now.

1. When the kids are brushing their teeth she will get her toothbrush and some toothpaste and sit on the floor and try to put the toothpaste on her toothbrush.

2. She will feed her stuffed animals or baby doll with a bottle and then put it in a "push toy" and push it around the house like a stroller. She's already a little mommy.

3. Yesterday I was painting Kaibryn's toe nails and finger nails and Kaityn picked up the polish and sat down beside me to paint her toe nails. I took of her socks and started to open the bottle and she took it out of my hands. During this Kaibryn had stood up and walked away. Kaityn when over to where Kaibryn was sitting and sat down exactly where she was and how she was sitting. I painted her nails (clear) and she sat so still and seemed to enjoy being "pampered." It was precious.

4. Sometimes when we leave the house we make a "shoe train". Everyone sits in a line like a trian with their shoes and I tie them one by one. Kaityn has caught on to this and will get in line with her shoes just like everyone else. Yes, I know, they need to learn to tie their own shoes. I'll work on it.

5. This is usually done with her Daddy. She will walk away from you and turn around to make sure that you are coming after her and she will squeal at the top of her lungs and just laugh. She will do this over and over. She loves to be chased and picked up.

There are so many things she is doing right now. I forget how quickly time goes when they are young. All my kids are changing but I forget how quickly they change and grow in their first few years of life. She is a blessing. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her and for her MaMa. We are all doing well.


Mrs. Troop said...

I am SO GLAD she's better! Yeah! Love all of the cute things - they are so precious and they change so fast. I'm beginning to see that my big ones are precious, too, though. It's wonderful to see their hearts turned towards the Lord.
Missed you yesterday! Let's plan to get together while the Coach is gone - I'll need the diversion! HA!

mom2camo said...

So of my favorite age ranges is 12-18 seems like everything they do at this age is done in abject cuteness!! Kaityn is so adorable! What a beautiful Anderson baby!

Anonymous said...

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