Monday, April 14, 2008

Kaityn Mae

It is Monday morning and I am asking you to pray for Kaityn. She is cutting teeth right now and is not doing well with it. She pretty much cries and is fussy most of the time. She did not sleep at all last night and neither did her MaMa (& I needs my sleep:) ). So if you think about her today pray for her that this will pass quickly and she will return to her happy self soon.

Hope everyone has a good Monday.


mom2camo said...

Will pray..I can sympathize!

mom2camo said...

Jon is gone this week...til Thursday. I'm thinking of getting my hair done...losing 6 pounds...finishing the chair...and having fun with the kids. Is it possible? Probably not, but that's okay. I have goals anyway!!

Mrs. Troop said...

YES! I'll pray with you. Baby Boy has had an ear infection and it also keeping me from sleep. So you have my empathy and my prayers.

And as far as your goals, mom2camo, let me know how that goes! :-) I'd just take the losing 6 pounds - forget the rest! HA!

Michael Hand said...

I'll be praying! Love you guys!

Grana said...

Poor Baby Girl!! She's crying because she wants her Grana! Tell her to be patient because I'm on my way! It won't be long now! I will be praying that she will be feeling better soon, and that mom will be able to get her rest too!
Love ya!