Thursday, July 26, 2007

Christopher lost his tooth

This morning Christopher lost his first tooth. It was pretty loose but he did not want anyone to pull it for him. I gave them apples this morning for breakfast and that did the trick. He is excited about the "tooth fairy" visiting tonight. Chris asked him a few weeks ago how much a tooth was going for these days - $3.00? Christopher said, "No, you can't buy anything for $3.00. I need $10.00." My, my ,my...inflation...I used to only get $1.00. We'll see. If teeth are going for $10.00 these days Chris and I are going to have to start saving now. With four kids that can get expensive. Our baby is growing up.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we journeyed to Ardmore, Oklahoma and spent a couple of days at Lake Murray with Chris's family. We had such a good time. The boys camped out in a tent and the girls camped out in a trailer complete with air-conditioning a bed and the all important bathroom...pretty rough. We spent lots of time in the lake and on the boat. Christopher and Cooper were our little fish. They got right in the water and went swimming, jumped off PaPa Clark's boat, and just enjoyed being boys. Kaibryn on the other had was not too excited about the water. She did get in but was scared of the "sharks" and "alligators." Sweet little Kaityn just sat in the shade and enjoyed being doted over by her aunts, cousins & GiGi. It was fun to get away for a few days and spend time with the kids and family.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Five Months Old

Kaityn is five months old today. She is such a blessing to our family. These five months have gone by so quickly. She stays busy by rolling around on the floor, she is pulling up on her hands and knees and is scooting everywhere, & a big first...she has her first tooth. The other kids love playing with her and try everything that they can to make her laugh. Her sweet spirit brings such joy to us. Chris and I often comment on how thankful we are for the kids God has blessed us with. What a privilege it is to be the parents of such precious gifts.

Monday, July 16, 2007

First Trip to the Zoo

Today was a big day. It was the first trip to the zoo this year. It was hot. But fun!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big News for the Anderson's

Well, we have a first for our family. Christopher has been saying all day today that his tooth is loose. Well, I did not believe him because just two days ago his teeth were tight. Anyway, we felt it tonight and indeed it is loose. To be a little honest with you...Chris and I might have gotten a little misty when we felt it move. Our little boy is growing up. He is very excited. He can't wait until the tooth fairy can come visit. We will keep you updated :) :)!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Penny Saved!!!!

Around a house with four kids you know there is always something going on...never a dull moment. Well, yesterday was no exception. Kaibryn loves to hear stories about herself so I told her I would write this one for her. After swimming yesterday we came in and the kids wanted to watch "Clifford the Big Red Dog." I was starting dinner and Kaibryn shoots up off the floor like a rocket with a look of panic on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I swallowed a penny." I said, "You what?" Well after my reaction and probably the look on my face I scared her to death. I never would have imagined Kaibryn doing this. It sounds like something Cooper would do. She kept saying, "I swallowed a penny...I swallowed a penny." Anyway, I called the Dr. and after he quit laughing he said that she was worth a penny more than the day before. He also gave me some good news...yea right!!!! For the next week I get to check her "potty" and look for a penny. Everytime she goes to the bathroom now she asks if I want to check it. She is fine today...just waiting for her penny to be returned :)!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Cute Kids!!!!!

I have not written for a few days & I know there are some grandparents who are going to be upset if they don't see some pictures of their grandkids soon. Life around the Anderson house is good...but busy. This has been a crazy day. I gave a piano lesson this morning to a daughter of a friend of mine and then I asked if they wanted to stay and play for awhile. So for about an hour and a half there were the 4 Anderson children and then my friend and her 5 children...all of which were boys but 1. It was alot of fun and noisy. There were kids everywhere - literally.
I vaguely remember praying a few weeks ago for patience in dealing with my kids and this phase of their "best friend one minute and worst enemy the next" life. Remember what "they" careful what you pray for, especially if you pray for patience. God will give you opportunities to learn. Well, I have been given opportunity after opportunity. I think I am a slow learner. There are times when I feel like I could pull my hair out and then there are times when what they do is so funny I can't help but laugh. I do know (in the back of my mind) that this phase in life will quickly pass and that I need to treasure this time because it will be gone so quickly. I would not trade my life for anything. I am so blessed.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Cutest Little Baby Face

I feel bad that there is only one picture of Kaityn on our "blog site." She is usually asleep when we take pictures. This "blog" is just for her. Kaityn is now 4 months old. The time has gone by so fast. She is the sweetest baby. She is a good natured, happy, content little girl. The kids love to be around her and do all they can to make her laugh. She is so much fun to watch and play with. She started eating cereal a couple of weeks ago and she is beginning to like it. I was hoping it would help her sleep through the night but it has not happened yet. But that is OK. I'm just a Mom. Who needs sleep, right? :) Chris and I think she is advanced. She is starting to hold her own bottle and she can sit for a short amount of time by herself. She is the perfect addition to our family and we are so blessed. "Every good and perfect gift is from above."

The Long Awaited Day

The day we have waited for finally arrived. We woke up this morning to sunshine and no rain. The kids were very excited. It was still too wet for them to swim, not to mention the water was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were able to go outside and jump on the trampoline and decorate everything on the porch with the chalk. They did not like the color of our bench so it got "chalked". They said they knew that I would love it.
There were two exciting things that happened at the Anderson house today. First, as I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning I saw quite a humorous sight out in our backyard. I was looking at two naked bottoms with Kaibryn bending down between them. Well, the boys were going to the bathroom off of the back patio into the yard and Kaibryn was yelling, "Kill the ant. Kill the ant." I think it was a successful kill. Second, when Chris came home today he brought with him a turtle he had found on the road as he was driving home. The kids named him "Snappy". You would have thought Chris brought home the greatest thing in the world. I got them some lettuce to eat and the kids took turns petting him and "ooing" and "ahing" over him (I'm assuming it was a him...I don't know). Chris put him in a little box and we painted an "A" on his shell just in case he came back. While Chris was painting his back Chris heard Snappy give a little "turtle toot" and then he had some turtle diarrhea. The kids thought this was great, especially the boys.
All in all today was a great day. It was nice that the kids could go out and get rid of some of their energy.