Sunday, October 5, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow

For those of you who might not know, I have been sick since Monday. I have run a high fever, chills, sore throat, etc. Went to the dr. and had a strep test run, flu test run & blood taken which by the way hurt REALLY bad. All to find out I have some kind of infection and take all my meds and it will run its course. Fortunately, today (since Mon.) I have felt like being a "wife" and "mom". I was able to do some house work and get the kids ready for church. I'm just really tired and hoping and praying that tomorrow I will feel better.

Chris has been amazing!!!! He has done all the house work, laundry, feeding, taking care of the kids, etc. all by himself. What a great husband. He deserves a break...maybe tomorrow...when/if I feel better. :) :)

Well, I don't remember much from the past few days because I have been locked up in my room but there are a few things that I can remember that are kind of funny.

1. Kaibryn has a HUGE fear of getting sick when someone else is sick. On Thursday Chris's Grandma came over and stayed with all the kids. I came out of the room a couple of times and Kaibryn took off running and I realized she was scared of being close to me. Chris's Grandma told me that one time after I went back to bed Kaibryn still did not come back in the living room. She went looking for her and she was hiding in the closet. However, she still got sick. i took her to the Dr. on Fri. and she is feeling better.

2. Cooper got sick as well and went with me to the Dr. on Wed. The Dr. was checking all his vitals and asked, "Have you been coughing?" He looked up at her with a strange look and said, "I can't drink coffee."

3. Last night Chris was putting some things away from the dishwasher and a plate dropped. Kaibryn said, "Daddy, you should leave the cooking to the MaMa's."

Everyone is doing better. Chris, Christopher & Kaityn have not gotten sick so pray that they don't and pray that the rest of us get completely healthy, especially me. It's hard taking care of a family when you don't even feel like getting out of bed.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Lori Leigh said...

SO SORRY you've been sick! There is nothing worse than being sick as a mama. I hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Funny stories about the kids!

My oldest also has "germaphobia". It gets old.

Funny from Cooper!

Mrs. Troop said...

OH, that's awful! What a rough week you've had! Hope things are back to normal there, soon. We've had sick kids, but not parents, around here. Maybe it's the same bug!
Take care of yourself.

mom2camo said...

Oh Keli!!! Get well soon!! I think they say 7-10 days for those surely you're at the end!

The She and I Show said...

You know, on second thought, I think we'll wait until next week to come by. :) -From Michael

Michael and Lindsay said...

I'm so glad that you and the kiddos are feeling better! I look forward to spending part of tomorrow with you!