Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What We've Been Doing

Well, the title of this blog is appropriate for us right now. Our house at times has seemed like a zoo. There is always something going on. These kids keep us laughing. I thought I would send an update on each child so you know what they are doing these days.

Christopher is 7. He is very loving, helpful and a great big brother. He is learning that he is a leader and that the other three watch him and do what he does. He is just like his Daddy. He loves people. Everyone is his friend and he has fun everywhere he goes. He is doing really well in school. He loves math and his reading has greatly improved. He is getting so big and is able to do more and more on his own which makes his Momma sad but it is fun to watch him be more responsible and grow up. He has quite the imagination and can remember ANYTHING. It is not uncommon for us to be talking about something and he throws in a line from a movie or turns what we are talking about into something funny. I love that boy.

Kaibryn is almost 6. What a sweet little girl. She is a huge help to me around the house. She is very responsible and seems to act older than her age. She is our "word police" and lets us know if we or anyone else has said something that is not appropriate. She is also paranoid of ANY kind of sickness...headache, tummy ache, diahrrea, etc...she does not want to catch anything. The boys enjoy getting right by her and saying, "throw up", the word she HATES. It is not uncommon with her to find her reading a book. She loves to read and I am AMAZED at what she reads. She is probably reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level. I think she has read almost every book in our house...I'm not kidding. She loves school and loves learning. She likes everything to be perfect. She is involved in gymnastics and loves it. She does EXACTLY what her teachers ask her to do. I can already tell she is going to love learning...she soaks everything in. She is fun and has more fashion sense than her Mom. I am loving watching her grow up.

Cooper, Cooper, Cooper...this kid cracks us up. He is in his own little world and has a laugh that melts your heart. It is the sweetest laugh ever. He is constantly doing and saying things that make us roll in laughter. He started Cubbies this year at church and is enjoying it. He is doing a good job learning his verses. He is also like his Daddy and brother...everyone is his friend and he can light up a room as soon as he walks in. He is being taught this year as well; however, his school time has gotten shorter and shorter. He does something for a few minutes and then is ready to play, which is fine. We are working on his letters and sounds. He knows his numbers very well from 1 to 10 and then some others. He is our NASCAR boy. He loves race cars and knows several numbers from the cars...99, 88, 24, etc. He is such a miracle.

Kaityn Mae is now almost 20 months old...I can't believe it. She is the cutest little thing. She finally has hair and can wear bows and look like a little girl. She loves shoes, clothes, babies, stuffed animals, and girly things. She is constantly changing shoes and wearing jewelry. Her vocabulary consists of "no", "down", "pls", "tan too", "bubba", "momma", maee" (Madee, my parents dog), "dee" (her friend Addie from church). She says alot but not very much is understood. You can definately tell when she does not get what she wants...Chris calls her KJ (Keli Jr.). She makes us laugh. Chris says she is ready to be potty trained. If she is dirty she will bring you the wipes and lay down on the floor. It's quite funny. I'm not ready for her to grow up yet. She loves her bubba's and sister so much. She is very caring...if someone is hurt she will bring them their blanket or toy, something to cheer them up. What a blessing she is and a joy.

Well, that's what's going on these days. Things are very busy but it is fun and we are so blessed.


Mrs. Troop said...

I love the updates on the kids!
Thanks so much for sharing their little personalities with us. Precious.
I can truly sense that you enjoy them and see them as God's blessings. They are so sweet - and they have a sweet momma!

Grana said...

I wonder where KB gets her perfection personality! I love it! Every one of those little ones are a gift from God and Papa and Grana are very proud of them and they are a constant reminder of how great God is! We are very blessed! We love Moma and Dad too!

O Fam said...

Hey Keli! I have had a free afternoon and have enjoyed reading your blog!! I love your heart for your family and it is so great to "hear" you as you talk about them.

Michael and Lindsay said...

I love each one of the kids and am so glad I get to be their auntie! Well said about each one of the kids. You and Chris are great parents! Michael and I have a lot to learn from you guys whenever we have our own. :)

The She and I Show said...

We find out if we get to be neighbors today! I'll call you! :)