Friday, October 31, 2008

The Profound Cooper

Today we were at my parent's house (dryer still broken). The kids were outside playing and the older three came in which meant that Kaityn was by herself (no worries...I could see her.) I told Kaibryn to go back outside. She said, "Because she is crying?" I said, "No. She is not going to want to play by herself."

Cooper came running into the kitchen and said, "No she's not. You said that God is always with us even when we are by ourselves." To which I replied, "You are right Cooper."

He's listening!!!!!!


Grana said...

That's my sweet Cooper!! What is the wet looking stuff on the ground by him?

Mrs. Troop said...

Very sweet boy!

The Anderson Zoo said...

The wet looking stuff on teh ground is water from the sprinkler's at the zoo this summer.