Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids Thankful Thursday

Christopher is thankful for:

1. My toys.

2. Cherries.

3. Nana and Grandad.

4. Grana and PaPa.

5. Uncle Michael & Aunt Candace.

6. My friend Hudson.

7. Our dog Jenkins.

8. That Uncle Michael and Aunt Candace live here now.

9. This shirt that Nana bought me.

10. Everyone in our family.

Kaibryn is thankful for:

1. My friends Gracie and Emily.

2. That Jesus died for my sins.

3. My family.

4. My gymnastics teachers.

5. My sister Kaityn.

6. Christopher and Cooper and Mommy and Daddy.

7. Grana and "Popcorn".

8. The beautiful world that Jesus made.

9. Nana and Grandad.

10. The weather.

Cooper is thankful for:

1. My friends to play with.

2. Racecars.

3. The sky.

4. The road b/c if we did not have road there would be holes.

5. School.

6. All the family in the world...even us.

7. Toys.

8. Bikes.

9. Lightning McQueen.

10. My hotwheels.

Kaityn is thankful for:

1. My baby dolls.


3. My purses.

4. My jewelry.

5. My blanket.

6. My sister.

7. My brothers.

8. My Mommy & Daddy.

9. Not having to do "chores" because I am too little.

10. That even though my Mommy gets frustrated when I want to be held all the time that she does it anyway because she knows that one day she will miss this.


Mrs. Troop said...

OH! Very sweet - glad to hear from the kids. We need to work on our attitude of gratitude around here! Thanks for sharing~

The She and I Show said...

We are grateful to live here too! Christopher is so thoughtful of everyone. Sweet boy! Thank you for dinner! It was culinary perfection (in the words of my husband). I hope your dryer will be running soon. :) Love you all!

Grana said...

Thank you Christopher and Kaibryn for loving your Grana and Popcorn! The kids thankful thursday is so cute! That is an awesome way to teach gratefulness! I am grateful for you doing that! I hope we will be living there soon too! Love ya!