Saturday, September 27, 2008

PaPa and Sooner Day

PaPa and the babies.

The kids with Nana's favorite basketball coach.

The Fam

Aren't we cute.

This weekend "Popcorn" also known as PaPa and Uncle Michael and Aunt Candace came to see us. We spent the afternoon in Norman walking around taking in all the Pre-Game festivities.

The kids had a great time and are already wanting to go back.


Grana said...

There is one thing wrong with this party, Grana isn't there! I miss being there so much! I hope to get a week off so we can go have some Grana fun! Tell Kaibryn I'll bring the Dunkin Donuts!

Nana's Navigations said...

I love the pix. I am sooooo
homesick. I miss my big and little babies soo bad. Gotta love my coach.

The She and I Show said...

Those dogs were so funny together. I know they drive Chris crazy, but they are fun to watch when they play and act like friends! :)It looks like Sophie is kissing Maddie in that pic!

Lori Leigh said...

Go Sooners!

You have such a beautiful family and I LOVE all the OU wear!

Mrs. Troop said...

How fun!
Great pictures - we're always happy around here when CHA and OU win! Makes for a happy Coach!