Friday, September 19, 2008

Haircut Day

Well, today was the day...HAIRCUTS!!!!!!! Kaibryn for the first time in a long time wanted one as well. So, she got one. I was a little nervous since the last time I cute her hair I tried to give her bangs. No bangs today, just a cute cut. She has informed me that she is "old enough to fix her own hair and decide how she wants to wear it." We had a little talk after that statement but sadly, it is kind of true. She is growing up so fast. All the kids are.

Today Kaityn is 19 months old. She is constantly moving. I have had several people ask if she ever slows down and the answer is "no." She is starting to say more and is so funny. She did not get a haircut today; however, look at the cute pony tails in the back of her hair. She is looking like a little girl instead of a baby these days. One of these days I'm going to post a picture of all the shoes she wears in one day, it's staggering. I tried to do it today but of course, she only put on 2 or 3. She loves shoes. That's going to be an expensive hobby for her to have.

Chris and I are so blessed.


mom2camo said...

so cute!! love Kaibryn's cut!! and the piggy's on Kaityn are adorable. it does make her seem more grown up...Olivia's wearing piggy's now too, and she seems more like a toddler than a baby! so sad! have a great saturday!

Nana's Navigations said...

Cutest kids in the world. Not prejudiced just fact.

Love my babies and my Babies.

Mrs. Troop said...

Precious kiddos!

Lori Leigh said...

Cute hair! Great job!

And all I can say about the shoes is you need to find some good garage sales!