Monday, June 2, 2008

Peace & Quiet...SCARRY!!!!

I was checking e-mail...knew Christopher was outside playing...where are the other is WAY too quiet...

Kaibryn is reading them a book...HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!!!

It's Monday and we (as usual) had a busy weekend. I had a wedding shower and Chris worked HARD on our yard. He is such a hard worker and it looks great. He was able to finally kill some ANNOYING grass.

We also cooked out on the grill. We had pork-ka-bobs. I know they were good because he went on and on about them. I took a picture because they were so pretty.

Hope everyone has a good week. We are having some friends over for dinner tonight and getting ready for a visit from Grana. It will be fun!!!!


Grana said...

I am so excited to come see all you guys! I hope there are some "k-bobs"
left! LOL! They look delicious! Can't wait to give "Grana Kisses" to my babies!

Mrs. Troop said...

Sounds like one of those days when you sit and think, "Life is good". What sweet kids!

The She and I Show said...

We miss you guys. I keep trying to call and never get anyone. I'm getting good at leaving random messages! :) Tell the kids Aunt Candace & Uncle Michael love them! Love you all!