Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Glad we are back to doing this. I have gotten some good ideas.

The product I chose for today is "Terro Ant Bait". About a month ago we had a TERRIBLE ant problem. They were everywhere and in every room. At one point it was hard to imagine that there were any ants outside because they were so many inside our house. We got these and within 4 or 5 days we started seeing results. The ants eat the bait and take it back to their "home" and the queen ant (?) eats it and the colony begins to sad...not really. And now I can say that we are ALMOST ant free. Every now and then we will see one or two. This product works. The only bad thing is that you have to clean around the bait traps because ants will just kick the bucket right there. I can handle it though. It's easier to get rid of dead ants than those


Daisy Girl said...

We really had ant problems when we lived in OK. We had to actually pay someone to come out and spray and set traps everywhere. I'm glad these are working for you all!

Grana said...

I'm glad you found them! That is the only thing we found that worked for us! I almost bought some to bring to you when I flew home, but figured that would take them away from me at the airport! How is my babies cut?

The She and I Show said...

Hey, we used the Terro for our ant problem and they were gone the same day. I haven't seen any signs of them coming back. The only thing....when am I suppose to clean the stuff up? I don't want to yet if they're planning on making a come back.