Friday, June 13, 2008

Christopher's Accident

Christopher has calmed down enough to where I could take a picture of his "boo boo" and tell the story.

He was doing so well riding by himself...he learned VERY quickly so Chris took Kaibryn into the street and let Christopher ride with them. Well, Christopher has not yet learned to use his brakes. His way of stopping is to run into something...whether it is a rose bush or a parked car. This one particular time he did not use his brakes and ran into the side of a large trailer. I was up in the yard with the younger two and noticed Chris running and then pulling off Christopher's shirt and holding it next to his face. Of course, Christopher was screaming. I had Cooper sit down on the grass and I took Kaityn and went down the street a little bit to help her get herself and her bike out of the street. It was crazy. Chris said or spelled, "It is b-a-d."

When we got inside Kaibryn went to the drawer to get a towel, got some ice, Christopher's blanket and one of his stuffed animals. She did this all on her own without us asking her to. It was very sweet. She was very concerned about him. We put ice on Christopher's eye and came to the conclusion that no stitches were needed (thank you Lord). He was worried about how it looked. We just reassured him that this "boo boo" meant that he was a little boy. All little boys gets cuts, bruises, scrapes. It just means that he was tough. That seemed to help him feel better. I don't know, maybe the fact that he got to stay up later and have ice-cream while everyone else was sleeping made him feel better.

Later on that night Chris said that he was impressed that I stayed calm. It is only by the grace of God that happened. "I come from a long line of over-reactors." (line from "Father of the Bride"). I wanted to scream on the inside especially when I saw Chris take Christopher's shirt off.

We all survived and he is not so concerned about his "boo boo" today. I'm sure this is not the last time that something like this will happen. (I'm just glad Chris was home) :)


Grana said...

My poor baby! He needs to come stay with Grana and Papa! Papa wouldn't let him run into a trailer! LOL!
I hope he is doing OK!

The She and I Show said...

Hey Christopher! You sure did take it like a man! You look so good with a "war wound". Don't be scared to try again! I know you already have. I'm proud of you and love you so much! I can't wait to see you and hug your neck! Mwah!

Mrs. Troop said...

What a tough little guy!
Tell him over here my boys count their scars and it's WAY COOL to be wounded.
Happy Monday!

mom2camo said...

So glad no stitches or emergency room involved!! Good job staying always are!