Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm NOT old!!! :)

I was just talking to the kids about how after lunch we can go outside and play in the sprinkler PaPa and Grana got them. They asked if I would play with them...they would show me how.

Kaibryn asked, "Mommy, did the instructions say it was OK for old people?"


Grana said...

Out of the mouth of babes! Well,did you play in the water?

mom2camo said...

You're not old...b/c if you are old, that means I'm almost old...and that's just not true :)

Mrs. Troop said...

That's too funny!
OLD is when you are SORE from peeling wallpaper and painting. Ugh!

The She and I Show said...

You are "older" but not old, just getting better. :) Thanks for the comment about the white pants & jewelry. :) It's good to hear from one sister-in-law that loves me because I do things like that. :)It makes me appreciate you more than I already do. I miss you guys! I love you Keli! Hope we get to see ya'll soon.