Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kaityn Mae

Kaityn Mae turned 16 months old today. She is such a little cutie. She thinks she is big. This is just some of the things she is doing these days.


"bubba" - Christopher
"Poopa" - Cooper
"Tatoo" - Thank You
"BaPa" - Backpack - I guess we watch "Dora the Explorer" too much
"Uh Uh" - Blanket
"Mah" - Maddy (My parents dog...or any dog)
"Boo" - Peek-a-Boo
"Bah" - Bath (anytime she hears this word, she stops what she is doing and heads to
the bathroom
"NighNigh" - Good night. If she is real tired she will bring us her blanket, we'll
pick her up and take her to fussing.

She can make the sound of a dog, cow and can imitate the sound when you say "I love you", and she can make some of the meanest faces. If she does not like what is going on you definately know.

She is developing her own personality. She DOES NOT LIKE IT if I am reading a book to any of the others and SHE is not in my lap. She does not like to share. There has been alot of screaming and grunting noises lately when it comes to toys.

Kaityn is very sweet though. She loves her "bubba" (probably more than any of the others). If he is laying on the floor, she likes to be right by him or on him. Last night he got hurt and was crying she walked over to him and put her arm on him and just leaned over on him. It was the CUTEST thing ever.

She is a little girl. She loves purses and shoes (any shoes). She usually has a purse or some sort of bag on her arm. When I get her dressed in the morning if I don't put shoes on her she will bring me a pair or take me by the finger to her closet and point up to her shoes and grunt.

What a blessing she is.


mom2camo said...

What a sweet baby! She and Olivia would be the best of friends! Except Livy doesn't like to share either!

Mrs. Troop said...

What a sweet girl!
I can't believe all of things she's doing - when Baby Boy is still so. . . well. . . baby!
Aren't girls fun? :-)