Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday...

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Playing restaurant/store with the trampoline boxes.

Kaityn wanting to be like "Beeba." (Kaibryn)

Kaibryn usual.

Cooper driving his racecar. I think the sun might have been in Kaityn Mae's eyes.

Well, once again the week is off. We had quite a busy weekend here at the Anderson household...

Soccer games...lunch w/Grandad & Nana...cleaned out kids clothes out of the attic to go through for summer...yard mowed...trampoline put up (partly)...dinner...baths...bed for kids...Pink Swirls for Mom & Dad.

Fun weekend but lots to do this week...

finish putting out summer clothes...stuff back up in attic...finish painting the bathroom...haircuts...dr. appt. for Cooper...Pink Swirls with friends tomorrow (can you tell I like this place) all the laundry, cleaning, piano lessons, soccer practices, gymnastics, playing, cooking, & just being with my kids. I love this life I am blessed with.

The weather is beautiful today & the kids have been outside most of the morning playing with the boxes that the trampoline came in. Looking forward to a gorgeous week & trying to fit in a day to go to the zoo somewhere in there. Might not happen but we will see.

Hope everyone has a great week. Will post soon.


The Merrell's said...

hey...were going to the zoo wednesday prob about 9 till 12 with jenni and her kids you are more than welcome to come too, the more the merrier!!!!