Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cooper Turns 5

Yes. I realize it is April 1 but this truly is our Cooper's birthday.

I remember the day we went to the hospital & found out he was going to be taken 9 wks. early. We called family & some friends & it took a while for everyone to believe us. They thought we were pulling a joke on them. This was the day God had chosen to bring Cooper into this world.

Last week while we were at the hospital I was reminded again of how God took care of us & Cooper. I saw the road I walked every morning and afternoon from our "trailer home" to the hospital. The emotions I feel every time I pass Baptist hospital overwhelm me. I think of his nurses and Dr.'s that loved on him when his Momma could not be with him. I think of the "adventures" my Mom would take Christopher & Kaibryn on when they would go over to the hospital with me in the afternoons so they did not feel stuck inside. I think of all the people who prayed for Cooper ALL over the world & from a little church in Rubottom, Oklahoma that still ask PaPa Clark & GiGi about little Cooper. God showed Himself so real to me during the 2 days up until Cooper's unexpected entry into the world & the three weeks he was in the NICU. My heart truly goes out to any parent who has a child born prematurely. And I am so thankful for my sweet Cooper.

Cooper was born weighing 3 lbs., 6 oz. & we were told April 2, 2004 that the nurses did not expect him to make it because he kept fighting all the tubes, meds & machines. He was a fighter & is still tough today.

Cooper is known for walking into glass doors ( has happened at Chris's office and at the GAP at the mall), walking into walls & falling in some weird way & hops up and laughs and says, "I'm OK." He is a joy. He is so tender hearted toward people. A couple of weeks ago at his first soccer game one of the players from the other team got hurt. The two teams separated but Cooper stayed right there & was bending over talking to the boy who was hurt. I teared up. I am becoming my Grandma. :) And last night Chris was telling Christopher not to do something but then gave him permission to do what he told him not to do (make sense?) . Cooper did not hear Chris tell Christopher it was OK & Cooper saw Christopher start to do it & Cooper started crying and saying, "No Bubba." because he did not want him to get in trouble.

Cooper right now is really enjoying soccer. This is the first competitive sport he has played. It is quite enjoyable for all of us to watch. He loves going to AWANAS at church. He is so friendly & will let you know that he does not like the "Poo Poo Heads" which refers to OSU and Texas...he is very passionate about this (very funny).

God gave me a promise 2 days before Cooper was born. I thought it was for me because I was so tired & was not sure how I could finish the pregnancy & take care of 2 smaller children.

Is. 41: 9 - 13 - , "I said to you: You are My servant; I have chosen you and not rejected you. Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand...For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you."

I was so encouraged. I had no idea that those verses would be the verses I would pray over Cooper every day that I was with him in the NICU the first few weeks of his life. I would rock him and hold him and pray for God to help him, hold on to him & strengthen him. God did. We were told he would be in the NICU for 6-8 weeks & he was home in 3 weeks. God answered prayers of hundreds of people. If you were one of those thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We loved the name Cooper. It was not until AFTER he was born that I found the meaning of his name to be "servant." Notice the first part of that verse..."You are my servant." God again encouraged me with this precious gift He had given us. When I first went into the hospital April 1 Chris kept praying over me & saying over and over He is not ours, He is God's.

I am so grateful God chose me to be Cooper's Mom. I could write forever about all the things God did for us during this time but that is not for now. Cooper is such a joy. He makes me laugh & is a visual reminder of God's faithfulness. I needed to be reminded of that today. God is good.

There are big things in store for Cooper & we cannot wait until God reveals those things.

Happy Birthday Cooper. Mommy loves you.


The Merrell's said...

This is so sweet. I love hearing the story of Cooper, it is such a good reminder of how great our God is!! You are such a great mommy all your kids are so blessed to have you and Chris as their parents!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy Birthday Cooper!!!

Sasha said...

wow! I remember little Cooper in the nursery, I knew he had been premature, but never knew the details (I think he was probably one, or close to it, by the time I knew him) - what a precious, precious blessing! I really miss all the kids at FSBC/LSLC-MDO, I love that now I can keep up with your little ones and see how they're growing up! God bless!

Mrs. Troop said...

So fun! I remember all of that and what a blessing your little guy is! We only did 11 days in the NICU and it about did us all in. Quite a testimony he has and he is blessed to have YOU for his momma! Happy Birthday, Cooper!