Friday, February 27, 2009

Learned My Lesson

For the past few years I have made sure that every morning I get myself ready enough that if Chris were to call or something happened & I had to leave right away I would be somewhat presentable to the world. I know that sounds funny but, I'm a girl. I don't always have to be fully "make-upd" but enough where I would feel comfortable.

WELL...Rewind a little bit...

Kaibryn woke up this morning around 3:00 throwing up. We dreaded the possible virus.

Fast forward...

No one else has gotten it up to this point.

Rewind again...

Last night Cooper said his "neck" hurt which always means his throat & then this morning he was complaining of his ears hurting. Of course it is the weekend & I knew if he did not see the Dr. today it would be Monday. I had some concerns about his tonsils & wanted to be sure to see our Pediatrician but that is another story. So, I called the Dr. office and the receptionist said the only way Cooper could be seen was if I came in RIGHT THEN. Of course I said we will be right there and off we went.

Rewind a couple hours...

I had already had my shower, hair fixed, presentable clothes but NO MAKE-UP because if anyone else was throwing up I knew I'd be taking another shower and who wants to waste make-up, right?


Off Cooper and I went to the Dr. As I'm leaving I look in the mirror in the van and realize - NO MAKE-UP!!!!! Again, I know, don't be so concerned about looks but I'm a girl, I'm not that young anymore, I need some color, etc. but I had to get to the Dr. right then (remember). I had to resist the urge to go inside & make myself a little more presentable to public...I did resist. So we went to the Dr. RIGHT THEN only to wait for an hour before being seen.

After going to the Dr. & returning hours later my Mom was sweet enough to watch the kids while I did some MUCH NEEDED grocery shopping. And yes, before I went I made myself a little more presentable.

So, I think I have learned my lesson. Now, had I brushed my teeth...who knows?


Beth said...

I would have to say that one very nice thing about living in Alaska has been that it is no big deal to not wear make up. Actually, most women never wear make up, and those that do are most likely military wives who have moved up here. So, when it is late in the evening and I have to go out, and I don't have makeup on, it is no big deal. Fast forward two months for me...I will be living in the deep south, where I better wear make up all the time. I am going to be in culture shock.

mom2camo said... look great without makeup Keli!! Natural beauty you are!!

Mrs. Troop said...

I have so BEEN THERE. When they say "come right now" I always think - what can I do in two minutes? :-)
I'm sure you looked beautiful, regardless!