Monday, February 23, 2009

Things I Love About Being a Mommy

1. Just hearing my name..."Mommy" or in Kaityn's words "MahMah" at the top of her lungs.

2. Having my 7 yr. old come in our room in the middle of the night wanting a drink & then asking me to take him to bed.

3. I'm the first one they want when they don't feel good.

4. When my kids eat & like what I make them for dinner.

5. When my 4 yr. old tells me "I love you fifteen hundred thirty six and fifteen."

6. Watching them get excited about a balloon.

7. Hearing my little girl say, "I want to be a Mommy & a vet when I grow up."

8. Opening the dryer & smiling at a load full of "pink" stuff.

9. My kids wanting to change their name to "Luke Skywalker" or "Speed Racer".

10. Holding my kids while they watch a movie even though my lap is getting smaller.

11. Reading to my kids.

12. Cooking with my girls.

13. Watching Christopher play basketball.

14. Watching Cooper just be Cooper...He's a HOOT!!!!!!

15. Trying to figure out what Kaityn Mae is saying...very difficult!!!!!!

16. Watching them learn new things.

17. Seeing the character that is developing in their life & the character that still needs developing.

18. Hearing my children laughing & playing together.

19. Going on walks & taking them to the park.

20. Being married to the best Daddy in the world.

What do you love about being a Mommy?


Beth said...

I love it when they all try to pile on my lap at one time...very difficult, but it make me feel great!

Mrs. Troop said...
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Mrs. Troop said...

Sorry, I meant their UNconditional love. :-) And snuggles - I LOVE 2year old snuggles!