Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Job Description...Interpretor

That is how I am feeling these days with Kaityn Mae. She talks constantly & will come over to me & talk to me about something quite serious. She often gets frustrated because I am not understanding her.

Here are a few of her "words"...

"pee pot" - Teapot
"Beebah" - Kaibryn - This is my favorite, it is so cute.
"Boon" - Spoon
"oo oh" - Shoes on
"nack" - Snack
"Boobie" - Movie (Yes. That is how she says it)
"Ee- oh- oo" - Where are you?
"Mik" - Milk
"Up" - Zip up my jacket
"Igh" - Sprite

"What is your name?"..."MaeMae"

"How old are you?"..."Two"

I have loved every stage of life that my kids have gone through & that they go through. I love to see them grow. With Kaityn my emotions are so different. Although I love her "stages" of life I find that I am really trying to soak everything in. Maybe because I know that she is our last baby...maybe because it has been a while since we have had a two year old. Maybe I'm hormonal, who knows?

I am entering a new phase in life & I in a way feel like I am going through culture shock. I have always had babies...I know what to do with them, how to play with them, figure out what they like, etc. Now, I have older ones & yes, they are more fun, funnier, self-sufficient (almost), etc. I find myself being needed less and less & at times I'm thinking "Oh my goodness what do I do in this situation?" "How should I respond to that question?" "Where did they learn to make that face?" - a sarcastic face of course. Chris always chimes in at that moment, "I wonder where they got that?" All this to say God is still faithful. In those moments when I am at a loss which is FREQUENTLY He is there with an idea, word, action, whatever I need for that very situation. I am so blessed to be chosen to be the Mother of these four amazing children. I'm so proud of them.

I really don't know where all that came from. I was just going to do a post on being an "Interpretor".

THese pictures of Kaityn were taken the other day. She kept going back and forth from her room to the living room & then to the kitchen to get the wipes. I thought she was just wanting to clean something. I usually give her a wipe & she is happy to clean whatever. But when I checked to see what she was doing she was being a little Mommy.

I hope I set a good example for her.


Mrs. Troop said...

I know exactly how you feel! Life is so different without a baby. I'm enjoying it so much - all the while trying to soak in every second so I don't miss the preciousness of these days.